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03:02 PM | 28-01-2020

I am experiencing pain on the extreme left side of forehead and also the forehead area above left eye from last 1 week. This is making me irritable and lethargic too. Is this beginning of migraine? If yes, what remedies can I do to stop it from increasing? I have a desk job and I cannot stay away from screen a lot. Can you pls tell me some manageable remedies? Not too strict ones!

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2 Answers

07:03 PM | 28-01-2020

The one-sided headache will not only considered as migraine. migraine usually associates with the symptoms of Aura, vomiting, giddiness, appetite changes, etc. and mainly with the 1-week history, we can't conclude as early/late migraine. In your case, it might be because of eye strain/stress, facial/head muscular tension. so management remedies will be:-

1) Use anti-glare glass during a desk job.

2) Reduce your mobile/desktop/laptop brightness to reduce muscular tension.

3)Maintain the proper distance, position between your eyes and books/desktop/laptop/mobile, etc.

4) Make sure your sleeping habits are perfect ( if you have sleeping disturbance - take hot foot immersion before you sleep)

5)Weekly twice mud pack on eyes for relaxation.

6)Facial and head massage with/without aromatic oil( peppermint oil etc).

7)Healthy food pattern - rich antioxidants, fiber-rich diet.

8)Yoga - neck, eye, exercises,suryanamaskara at least 6 rounds, pranayama- chandranuloma, bhramari, nadishodana regularly.

9) hot foot immersion with Epsom salt for 15-20 minutes.

10) Acupressure, acupuncture has a good therapeutical effect.

mainly pain is the alarm signal of your body so understand the eliminating factor and try to follow the remedies mentioned above good luck dear.

06:54 PM | 28-01-2020

Hello Priyanka,

There are high chances that you might be suffering from migraines but do not worry you can surely deal with migraines with home remedies. Here are some immediate treatments as well as something which you can start with on a daily basis.

Immediate treatment whenever you have an episode of migraine:

1. Start with the usage of essential oils like lavender which helps in treating the migraine, in a bowl of water put three to four drops of essential oil. With the olfactory route, you will start seeing the difference.

2. Apply a mixture of gram flour and rose water on your forehead, this helps in soothing the nerves.

Daily basis: start with mineral-rich sources like walnuts, almonds seeds like chia, flax and pumpkin seeds. This will help in treating migraines.

Thank you

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