10:31 AM | 30-01-2020

I am a 20 years old. My legs are paining constantly at night whether it is college day or holiday. Even during prolonged standing posture it leads to pain in sole. What should I do?

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4 Answers

08:40 PM | 30-01-2020

Hello Rushikesh Shinde,

Potassium deficiency can be the cause of constantly having pain in the legs, at night our legs go at rest that is why we feel the pain more. The very good and easily available sources of potassium are bananas, having a banana a day helps in treating the pain. Another common source of potassium is coconut water which is easily absorbed.

Massaging your legs with coconut and castor oil mixed together will help in increasing blood circulation. Doing it every night is helpful. You can also start with exercises which will definitely relive your pain, squats, pulls ups and sets of suryanamaskar is really good in increasing muscle tonicity of our legs.

Thank you

10:41 AM | 03-02-2020

Hi Rushikesh,

Please get your routine blood tests done for Hb, sodium, potassium, vit. D. This is a common problem probably because of poor blood circulation around your lower limbs. It is also known as Restless Leg Syndrome. Cardio activity can improve it also a diet rich in iron and calcium like greens, nuts, fruits, sprouts, fenugreek etc. Let us know your report first.

06:43 PM | 31-01-2020

Pains/discomfort in the lower extremities often is found in people who are on a bad lifestyle. Due to the consumption of dairy and animal products, their calcium levels get depleted and is leached from the bones. Detailed explanations can be found under the search on osteoporosis. The reason is the same.

One more reason we can see is that the peripheral organs start becoming weaker. Due to excess toxicity, it thickens the blood like a sweet syrup. The heart tries hard to pump viscous blood, legs usually start becoming weaker due to lack of proper blood flow.

The solution is to ensure it’s managed with a good lifestyle.

Switch to whole food plant-based diet. The meaning of whole food is explained under the body wisdom section in detail. Removing any form of fat is important. Remove oils in the food, have raw foods like fruits, vegetables, greens for the whole day and oil-free, gluten-free for dinner and you will realize the change in one month. Continue on raw as much as you can. That will reverse both the leg issues. Drink 1-2liters of vegetable juices per day and a total of 3-4 liters of liquids overall. Eat fruits in plenty. Avoid chemicals that claim to suppress pains as it's of no use because it's not addressing the root cause, but adding to the pile of chemicals in the body.

Expose yourself to the sun for 45 minutes daily. Sleep well and rest well when there is pain. The body heals faster. Once pain is addressed, after that start exercising/walking. Don't strain them until your legs can. It might take 3-4 months when you practice with discipline.

Reach me if needed with questions.

Be blessed

Smitha Hemadri ( Educator in natural healing practices)

05:00 PM | 31-01-2020

Dear health seeker Rushikesh 

What I can gather from your narrative is that the life lived is far from a hygienic lifestyle. I can safely visualize that the intake of foods is much more than your organism can handle leaving nothing to keep you going healthy, and thereby you are feeling pain in the legs even by standing. For 20 years old it is not the ideal situation to be in.
Cut down drastically your intake of heavy rations of  carbohydrates, fats protein, oils,refined, preserved, processed foodless foods like tea, coffee cola drinks and alcohol if any, chocolate, smoke, meats and its products dairy products 
Initially live on fruits juices for 3 to 4 days. Thereafter consuming 70% vegetables raw and cooked fruits and rest cereals. Thus you will save your vitality for doing your daily chores without any pains whatsoever. Bask in the early morning sun daily 

V.S.Pawar                      Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 1980

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