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11:54 AM | 28-01-2019

Hi all! Am a little confused about the right way of consuming nuts. While nuts have great health benefits, what I have seen in my family is that nuts are primarily consumed in winters or soaked to eat in summers. Now, is it really advisable to consume nuts, without soaking in the scorching heat of Delhi?

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4 Answers

02:11 PM | 29-01-2019

Hi. Pls read our blog The nutty dilemma. We hope you will find it useful. Do let us know.

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02:06 PM | 29-01-2019

How long to Soak Seeds
Hard variety like almonds and walnuts 10-12 hours, soft variety like cashews and pumpkin seeds 4-5 hours. Ideally soak hard variety overnight. If not soaked roast them for immediate use. This is quick fix and not a healthy practice.

Why to Soak Seeds
Every seed has an acidic covering, which is it's natural protection against ants and prey. When we soak seeds, the moisture makes the seed to prepare for germination and thereby converts the acidic covering into alkaline.

Scientifically the outer covering is fatty omega 6 and on soaking converts to fatty omega 3.

02:05 PM | 29-01-2019

Nuts are concentrated foods. They provide us with fatty acids and structural materials for repair and growth.

There are broadly 3 categories:

NUTS WITH MOISTURE - Coconut, Green Almonds
DRY WHOLE NUTS - Almonds, Walnut
SEMI-processed NUTS - Cashew, Pistachio

First category is best. You can consume them raw, with salads, as snacks. Their nutrition and life energy is best. Pesticides usage is very less

Second category - they are also good but less than first category as some moisture have been lost and some toxins are used to preserve them.

Best to soak them for two reasons first Moisture - their digestiblity improves
Second-  Making food- easier to blend, mix 

Third category- not so good as they have undergone some processing like peeling, roasting etc. You should soak them and use less as compared to other categories.

Also, note Nut consumption should be 5-6 % of your diet. Avoid them in diseases and illness ( second and third category)

Never mix them with fruits or dry fruits

02:04 PM | 29-01-2019

Nuts must always be eaten in moderation. It’s a complex food. Always soak and have your nuts in moderation. 6-7 almonds, 6-7 walnuts for example. In winter we need more natural oils from whole foods and seeds, however in summer we don’t. Ideally, consume healthy fats from coconut peanuts sesame flax etc and don’t overdo on nuts. They were not really meant for human consumption. The fruits are meant for us and the seeds of the fruit or the nut is supposed to fall and regrow into a plant again. These are also meant for little animals and birds. Since we still want to consume it, best workaround is to soak and eat it to reduce the digestive load. 

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