09:36 AM | 03-02-2020

My son aged 10 years has the problem of adenoids and deviated nasal septum.. Can the learned members of this forum please advise us to overcome these issues?

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2 Answers

02:12 PM | 04-02-2020

When we talk about adenoids and deviated nasal septum, the first line of defence should be taken in as, a change in lifestyle and diet. Here let us talk about what is the change we have to keep in with diet and lifestyle and how do we correct it.

Adenoids and nasal deviation both are co-related with the first line of defence, where the body's immunity is at stake and with this, we have to keep our body-safe. The body's immunity is hampered because of the fact that the body is continuously getting exposed to toxic things which need to be protected from.

A 10-year-old kid's immunity is already at on the developing stage making it more vulnerable to toxins, by following prevention methods, we can take care of your little one effectively.

Now let us follow these four things, in order to deal with the body's immunity.


Here are a few things which we need to take care of is:

Avoiding, milk and milk products refine sugars and salt, anything which is packed needs to be avoided.

Now, what to eat?

Start your kid's day with a vegetable juice, green leafy vegetables, carrot, cucumber, bottle gourd can be your choices. Sprouts is another thing which can be given as breakfast. After lunch two hours later you can give a cup of ginger honey tea. This can be helpful for the kid. Also, sprouts have a good amount of Vitamin C which will help in treating the immunity, sweet potatoes are another good source of vitamin C. Inducing legumes in the diet is also another good way of treating adenoid and nasal septum deviation.

A Tulsi leaf has given with a glass of warm water, empty stomach in the morning will help in removing the toxins.


Now let us understand the exercise part:

  • Deep breathing exercise like pranayama will be helpful in the treatment of the problem.
  • Doing cat and cow pose from our yoga books helps in improving lung capacity and clear the respiratory tract from toxins.
  • Take your little one for an early morning walk in the sun, which will help the kid in taking in fresh air and sun will activate the cells.


This is the right time to expose your kid towards meditation. Tell him to sit crossed leg on the floor and repeat, " I am healthy and happy" for 10 times, slowly with each breath.

With this tell him to imagine his self to be healthy and breath freely.

This exercise of visualization will surely help the kid, in a long way.


Sleep is the most important part, teach him the importance of early to bed and early to rise. Tell him how important it is to wake up during sunrise. If he is taking any gadget and using it, please avoid an or two before sleep.

These things will surely help the kid with the problem.

Thank you

02:10 PM | 04-02-2020

Dear health seeker Indu,

Thanks for the compliments to whole panellists of this forum. We wish all the health to your lovely son. 
 The boy has been fed a supply of unhygienic foodless foods like bakery stuff, biscuits, bread, sweetened milk, cheese, chocolate chips, chocos, and perhaps non-vegetarian items. 

  • Cut down totally above mentioned foodstuffs which are a drag on the vitality of the child. 
  • Start supplying live foods like vegetables raw and cooked conservatively without oil spices and condiments and fruits to the extent of 80% and rest carbs, coconut, 
  • Ask the boy to do some skipping, cycling, running, swimming, playing outdoor games. Let him sweat out the laid down toxins in the system and he will be free from all his afflictions in a short time. 
  • You may contact this forum again for further guidance 

The child will be healthy again no need to worry.

V.S.Pawar                             Member Indian institute of natural therapeutics 1980

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