12:30 PM | 25-04-2019

Hi… After starting raw,My weight is reducing... Already I am underweight. What do you say?

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5 Answers

12:40 PM | 28-01-2019

Hi pls note, as you move to whole plant-based foods body sheds a lot of stored toxins.  And it will lose weight. Weight should normalise in three weeks.

The body eliminates toxins when you change the food style.  The body can store up to 7-8 kgs of waste. It will stabilize after some time.

12:29 PM | 16-02-2019

The body has the intelligence to determine the right weight.

Regarding weight, there are two important aspects.

First Cleaning: When you start a raw diet first thing it does is a clearing of body toxins which leads to weight reduction

Second Repair: Food is only one dimension of health. Equally important is rest and sleep. The body does repair and rebuilding work in the state of rest. If you are not sleeping and resting enough and/or in the continuous stressed state body cannot rebuild no matter what you are eating.

So, instead of weight please observe your energy levels. If they are stable and good then its fine body will adapt.

Please try to balance your sleep and rest.

02:01 PM | 29-01-2019

Weight can only increase if you over eat or do lot of physical exercise of building muscles. The desire for increased body weight is mostly due to social consideration or some medical / nutrition theories. This leads to people following set parameters.

Body adapts to ideal weight.

Let's see analogy of an emergency. What will happen if a country goes in a war ? To protect food supply government will start accumulating food to ensure distribution.

Same thing happens inside our body due to lack of nutrition body feels like an emergency. It starts accumulating.

Second, perspective is protection from toxins. Due to poor elimination toxins needs to be stored somewhere to protect body from inside.

Body stores this in belly, hip and other areas.

So, it's nutrition and toxicity.

Criteria for health should be energy. If you have energy throughout the day and not have any chronic conditions it's perfectly fine.

Let body worry about the weight.

11:50 AM | 18-03-2019

People put on a healthy weight just on pure raw fruits veggies and greens, but for that you need to trust and go on till your body has no more healing to do and building has to happen. 

12:38 PM | 28-01-2019

According to me you should be considering your overall health. Do consider your energy levels - are you feeling sluggish or energetic throughout the day, are you able to carry on with you regular routine without feeling bogged down etc. Observe your digestive health - are you feeling bloated / heavy or the feeling is of lightness? I guess while weight loss may be due to removal of toxins, if you are feeling good overall, it should not be a cause of concern!

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