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09:19 AM | 02-02-2019

May i know recommended foods in early pregnancy. (Suffered from a miscarriage an year back- reason unknown) all blood tests were normal. Please suggest. I am 28 years old, living in Haridwar, India.

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4 Answers

04:37 PM | 03-02-2019

Hi. First & foremost, forget about the miscarriage. Mother Nature knows it best and she did what was right for the baby's health. Take out the fear from your mind & enjoy the beautiful journey of this pregnancy.

Eat Natural Foods, eat as per the circadian rythm, eat the right combinations. You can read all these blogs to know more.

Overall, have lots of fruits first thing in the morning. Eat lots of veggies, raw or lightly steamed in your lunch & dinner. Have vegetable juices twice a day, coconut water twice a day, soaked raisins every morning, soaked almonds every night.

Avoid tea & packaged products like biscuits, bread, namkeens, etc. Reduce white sugar as much as you can. Oil - as little as possible, cold pressed is better. Milk & milk products, nonveg - avoid.

Let me know if you would like to connect one on one. There is more to health than just foods. I had a fairly healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery too at the end of it. This was a great top up to my health journey of conceiving. You can read my story here. All the best dear. Just be at ease & enjoy.

06:26 PM | 04-02-2019

Thank you mam.


02:49 PM | 03-02-2019

Don’t worry about the miscarriages. Although it’s emotionally taxing, it’s natures way of calling back the baby when it’s birth conditions are not ideal. Even if they are born with medical interventions, as a mom you might have faced to deal with their health issues. 

Have you got yourself checked for pcos or other issues ?

More than early pregnancy, it’s best to keep a great health overall even before pregnancy, after preg while lactating and as a mom to a child to lead a great example of being a healthy mom 

Foremost is to skip any form of cooked breakfast and move in to a fruits only breakfast. 

Why fruit - https://www.wellcure.com/body-wisdom/22/fruits

There are articles written to say how to eat fruits vegetables greens nuts seeds majorly in your day and keep cooked to 30-40% only. Even in between meals have salads. With meal have a lot of steamed veggies.


Quit - diary , maida, refined oils, processed foods , packed ready to eat foods, meat, sugar , white rice. 

Stick to unpolished millets and cold pressed oils among cooked. 

Womb is also a part of your body which have cells that have a mind of their own. Nourish it like a baby - food wise, exercise wise, emotionally think nice thoughts of imagining a beautiful baby. Past is past. You asking this question itself shows that your baby is waiting for you to heal yourself before it wants to come. 

Be blessed and get back to us if you have further questions 


06:28 PM | 04-02-2019

Thank you mam.


11:30 AM | 04-02-2019

Pregnancy though being a special phase of life is no different than how we should eat and live otherwise. The same rules of good living apply to all phases of life.Eat a lot of raw foods especially fruits. Avoid dairy products, non veg, oil foods, processed food, foods heavy on salt and spices. Eat only when hungry and always reach out for raw foods first. All the best and I am sure you will enjoy a happy pregnancy very soon.

06:27 PM | 04-02-2019

Thank you mam.


04:41 PM | 03-02-2019

Hi. You may refer to this blog written by our community member Shubhi Khurana - Worried about your child's birth and want it to happen the normal way. Hope you find it useful.

In good health
Team Wellcure

06:37 PM | 04-02-2019

Thank you wellcure.


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