10:10 AM | 08-05-2019

Hi! I am trying to quit dairy, facing a challenge. I often have to work for extended hours and don’t get enough sleep. Tea/Coffee is the first things that comes to my mind to give me an energy boost. How can I manage this without taking tea/coffee?

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4 Answers

11:38 AM | 08-02-2019

Dear friend, I guess this is a common problem for many of us these days. While the best thing is to avoid working till late in the night because as per nature’s laws, the complete darkness is the time for your body to rest. However, I do understand it kind of becomes inevitable many a times. In that case, do try to make up for the lost sleep over the weekend. The rule of thumb is 8 hours of sleep daily or 56 hours each week! When you do work till late at night and need an energizer you could rely on dates/raisins! They are quick to digest and provide instant energy. I know someone who makes date paste and keeps it stored in the fridge. She quickly adds the paste in a glass of water to get a great energizing drink. You may want to try!

11:37 AM | 08-02-2019

I can relate to your dilemma so well! Even I work till late in the night and until sometime back I was dependent on tea/coffee, so much so that I kind of became addicted to the same and wanted it every night! However, I am hard to get rid of this habit! Few things that helped me:

  1. Sometimes my wife would make nut milk for me (flavoured with elaichi / saffron) and keep it in a bottle on my table. You need to try to believe how nutmilks not only taste good they give you instant energy!
  2. I started keeping nuts on my table, well within reach. Many a times I would just munch on them and hence not feel the need to have any hot drink!
  3. I started by reducing the quantity of my tea. And later I substituted the regular tea with herbal tea (which actually is not any rocket since – you can put herbs and spice of your choice in water, give a good boil and enjoy)

05:21 PM | 08-05-2019

Best method to deaddict from caffeine is to eat a lot of fruits. When you know you are craving for the wrong foods, its just a matter of diverting a moment's attention to buying plenty of fruits and eating them. This will remove the cravings and keep you healthy too.

11:05 AM | 09-02-2019

When sleep is not ok, body craves for unhealthy food. Since I guess you may not have options to change your work, atleast on the tea/coffee side you have to stop them. These drinks draw out the underlying vital force pf out body and we feel a false sense of euphoria whicj just lasts for a couple of hours.

I suggest you write down your thoughts and emotions about this and everyday take little steps. Reduce the quantity and frequency slowly and consistently. Give gratitude to your body and than it for all that it does for you. Enlist the help of a family memebr or friend to help you quit. 

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