01:07 PM | 08-02-2019

Hi everyone! A quick question - can we mix coconut with fruits?

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3 Answers

05:15 PM | 11-02-2019

Ideally not. Both nut and fruits have different digestion times. So best to eat fruits alone. However sometimes for flavour you may. Recently, my son took a liking to milkshakes - milk mixed with fruits; if I say no he would insist on more of it. So in that case I figured coconut milk mixed with fruits might be a better option. I slowly weaned him away from the combi and got him back to fruit only smoothies :)

Once in a while it might be ok to mix the two, but nuts are best mixed with veggies not fruits. Fruits demand their alone 'me-time' in your tummy. So eat them as is without mixing

07:22 AM | 11-02-2019

It is ok occasionally for a change of taste. Coconut is heavier in density than fruits and so they have different digestion times. Watch out for indigestion symptoms like bloating.

09:47 PM | 08-02-2019

No u should not. Fruits get digested very quickly and are best eaten alone. When mixed with nuts, they have to sit for longer in the stomach till the nuts are digested. This leads to their fermentation/rotting. 

So you ate the fruit thinking it’s healthy and will give nutrients to your body. But instead the body wastes away its energy to deal with the rot.


Hence, no you should not mix coconut with fruits.

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