09:45 AM | 03-05-2019

Hi! How to build kid’s immunity?

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5 Answers

07:46 PM | 15-04-2019

Experts have answered the how to stay healthy part. I would like to add few to that. Immunity is a very misunderstood word. Body eliminates toxins when it accumulates and the frequency depends on the vitality ( energy that is available to be used to perform various actions in the body). Immunity in medical terms means the body must not get cold cough or other forms of eliminations. If it happens they suppress it with meds and ensures that any discomfort is removed from the surface while the underlying issue is not addressed. This is the meaning of immunity. We educate a healthy lifestyle here and also throw light on why body eliminates and why it’s okay to not be scared of eliminations. We don’t live in a sterile environment. We breathe polluted air, we drink polluted water, we do have negative thoughts, we are surrounded by chemicals that touch the skin, we eat contaminated food, we do indulge in social events even if it’s occasional.. etc. As the body becomes more and more efficient with a good lifestyle, it will also increase the power to throw away junk when the body encounters it. So unless you understand these, you might also think that living a healthy lifestyle does not increase the ‘immunity’. Hence this is a misunderstanding. A healthy lifestyle aims to get us back to the way body expects us to live in order to function efficiently. In the process if body eliminates in cold cough fever skin issues, we must not surrender to any form of medication - allopathy/ homeopathy/ Ayurvedic and let the body go through its cycle of clean up. It’s easier to pass this phase while keeping the digestion less and thinking less and resting more. 

There are many articles that you might want to go through here under the body wisdom section to understand basics. Thanks and be blessed. 

01:28 PM | 12-02-2019

GIve them natural foods - fresh fruits and vegetables with nuts and seeds. Reduce processed foods, sugars,  oily foods and let them enjoy playing outside in the Sun, rain , earth.

The most important step is to not give medication for fevers, colds and coughs. These are cleansing mechanisms of the body and we should let nature take its course.

07:53 AM | 12-02-2019

You could try giving amla juice mixed with equal amount of honey, about 2 tbsp to your son on a daily basis. Amla is great immunity booster.

07:53 AM | 12-02-2019

Hi! I am a grandfather of a young boy. I have witnessed how food habits and lifestyles have changed drastically over the last couple of decades. I see kids falling sick every now and then these days. This of course is worrisome. In the case of my grandson also, it’s been a learning curve that his parents followed. Over a period of time, they realized that living by the laws of nature is the way to stay healthy. Accordingly, they have adopted the following few things for their son and the same has definitely benefited the child develop better immunity!

  1. Eating natural, live foods i.e. foods that nature meant for us to eat. Fresh raw veggies, seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouts are all foods full of life, unlike the refined, processed and packaged foods that have become the norm today.
  2. Following the circadian rhythm i.e. eating, working and resting as per the biological clock. The parents ensure that the child gets about 8-9 hours of sleep in complete darkness.
  3. Staying off chemicals. These days chemicals are practically in every second product. While we may not be able to completely avoid chemicals, we surely can minimize their use by either using homemade products or good quality, organic products.
  4. Cutting down on the white culprits! Refined sugar is replaced with jaggery & honey, refined salt is substituted by rock salt and maida is replaced by millet based flours.
    You may want to try making gradual lifestyle shifts. These may not really give you instant results, don’t get discouraged, in the long-term they would help you reap great benefits.

07:52 AM | 12-02-2019

Hi! I would like to share, my child also started falling very sick quite often. I was obviously worried. That’s when I decided to make lifestyle changes and did get positive results. Few things I implemented to up his immunity are –

  1. Off dairy – My son doesn’t take the regular milk anymore. Though he still takes ghee and curd (once in a while) but that’s for taste.
  2. Healthy snacking – I have substituted the packaged/processed snacks like namkeens, biscuits, chips etc. with homemade, healthy snacks like sprouts chaat, roasted makhane, boiled sweetcorn chaat, shakarkandi chaat etc. Trust me there are many options and kids do adapt!
  3. Balancing – As a family, we have learnt how to balance out nutrition and taste. Now, when we go to parties, we try to keep raw till lunch.
  4. Raw vegetables – this has been a big step! Now, he is used to having his lunch and dinner along with salads. Also, I try to give him a glass of veggie juice in the evening.
  5. Including lots of food in his daily routine – I serve him a plate full of fresh, seasonal fruits at least twice a day.
  6. Exercise – I encourage my child to engage in outdoor activities and try to ensure that he is physically active even when indoors eg. Doing small chores around the house or moving up and down the stairs.
  7. Junk--- limited to only occasions or socialization
  8. Avoiding sugar – I wouldn’t say that it’s a complete no, but we have cut down our sugar intake considerably.

 These have been gradual changes but with good results. I was amazed how stopping dairy itself helped my son get rid of frequent chest congestion! And now he has developed more resistance to cough and cold and viral infections.


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