11:25 AM | 03-04-2019

My husband (age 36 years) has a tendency of high BP. He has been getting frequent headaches and his bp is 140/93 average. We do not want to start with medications, trying to control his diet. What all measures can we take to help him?

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4 Answers

10:55 AM | 13-02-2019

Hi! We have a health journey on our website, that of Nandini Gulati who managed to overcome BP by changing her lifestyle to plant based foods. In her story, she also covers very well, how a deeper change at all level ie connecting to nature, sunlight, activity and foods helped her manage her weight and BP issues.

You can read here to know more.

10:53 AM | 13-02-2019

 Along with good diet and lifestyle changes, you should also ask your husband to manage his stress levels and take good rest. Minimum 8 hours of sleep (daily), in complete darkness is a must. Beat stress by engaging in enjoyable activities and meditation. And yes, the SUN – you can’t imagine how exposure to sunlight works wonders for our physical and mental health.

10:53 AM | 13-02-2019

I would vouch for the importance of diet and other lifestyle changes in managing common health issue like high bp. To give you my example – my husband was also on BP medicine for about 2 years. Then he also got high cholesterol. We didn’t want to add another medicine. Hence we consulted a natural nutritionist. He introduced the following changes:

  1. Completely off dairy
  2. No wheat
  3. Loads of raw veggies
  4. Fruits
  5. Pranayam
  6. Half and hour of physical workout – walking/swimming/dancing etc.
  7. Flax seeds – roasted

Trust me, the results were amazing! My husband lost more than 10 kg weight in about 3 months, his cholesterol became normal and he got rid of his bp medicine too!

04:15 PM | 14-03-2019

Our nutritionist was Dr. Chirag Dakaan. He is in Gujarat.


12:11 AM | 14-03-2019

Sheets please share the name of the nutritionist whom you consulted ?


10:52 AM | 13-02-2019

Hi! Please don’t calm down and try to understand blood pressure first! Blood pressure is the pressure with which blood circulates in our body. Blood is the carrier of food nutrients, oxygen, waste material, etc from one part of the body to another. Without proper pressure in the blood, this vital function cannot be carried out & life cannot sustain. Hence, blood pressure is important.  However, there is a range within which the pressure should be maintained. BP higher than that indicates that the body is out of balance. What we need to do in that case, is help body restore this balance, in order to return to normal BP levels.  Think about ways you could change your lifestyle and be more in tune with nature. Some suggestions are as follows:

  • Avoid all processed & packaged foods, including white sugar, refined oil, table salt, biscuits, namkeens, ketchups, etc. Eat more natural foods such as fruits & vegetables, eat more raw.
  • Cut down your salt intake. Also, replace your table salt with rock salt. Rock salt in a more natural choice and is helpful in regulating blood pressure.
  • Rest – both physical & mental – is very important in cases of high BP. Learn ways and techniques to de-stress.    


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