11:05 AM | 07-01-2019

Hi My Husband Has High Fever 102 Plushe Also Had Bad Stomach Last Night. Fever Seems Sudden, Isresting Now. What To Do? How To Keep Him Hydrated?

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3 Answers

02:57 PM | 07-01-2019

Fever means body is going through an intense healing cycle. Let him rest completely.Stomach ache means he does not want any food. Let the fever and stomach ache subside naturally. He can have diluted fruit juice or coconut water when hunger returns. Usually fever takes 3 to 4 days to subside. He needs mental rest too. People around him need to stop getting anxious and worried too :)

08:58 AM | 07-01-2019

Fever, and loose motion are body’s first signals that there is acid-alkaline imbalance. It is also body’s one of the first mechanisms to reduce the acidic load, and restore balance. During this period it’s important that you support the body to do its job well.  Ask your husband to take off from office, and rest amply, cause only when he rests will he allow body to do its job. If he has high fever, he should sleep. If he is uncomfortable he could take luke warm baths but overall don’t stress too much on bringing the fever down either through medication or cold patti.  Do cold patti only if he is very uncomfortable. Do note, the fever and sweating is body’s way of eliminating the toxins and high acidic levels.

In terms of food, keep him on fruits to keep him hydrated.  Also it will ensure he is not wasting energy on digestion when actually body needs that energy to fight the infection and restore balance.

Home made Anaar juice, coconut water are a few other options to keep him hydrated.

08:55 AM | 07-01-2019

You could give him this concoction - Take half a lemon with some freshly grated ginger juice & a little bit of water. This will help restore the alkaline balance. Keep him on fruits as many as he can.  Mostly no cooked food until he recovers fully. This will ensure his body is not squandering his energy in digestion when it should actually be focusing on repair. 

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