12:25 PM | 21-05-2019

What does it mean to eat whole foods? What all is included in this category?

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3 Answers

09:28 AM | 01-03-2019

Whole foods are foods that are not refined / processed. Eat whole foods as much as possible. This means:

  1. Avoid white sugar – choose natural sweeteners like dates, figs, raisins etc.
  2. Replace the fats you get from refine oil with fats from natural sources like nuts and seeds
  3. Eat unpolished rice instead of white rice
  4. Try to consume fruits and veggies as whole or pulped or as smoothies instead of juicing them

09:27 AM | 01-03-2019

Hi! If you go by the principals of natural living, you should be consuming foods that are whole. Whole means foods as they are meant by nature for us to consume. That is foods that are not processed/refined by human beings. The reason is simple, as we break down or process the natural foods (from their whole state) we gradually make them less nutritious at each step. Therefore, for example, the nutrition that you get from sugar cane will be much more than what you can get from white sugar, though the white sugar is also made from sugarcane!



09:27 AM | 01-03-2019

Whole foods are certainly the best to have as they are foods in their natural state. If you closely look and try to understand the steps of processing whole foods you will realize that these are more often than not subjected to extreme conditions like high temperature and pressure. Under these conditions the whole molecular structure of the food is changed and often toxic substances are produced. In addition to it chemicals are often used in food processing, to get the desired properties and uniformity. Hence, it is best to consume only whole foods that have undergone no / least processing.


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