08:20 AM | 27-05-2019

Hi everyone! I have had a fatty liver for long time now. Though I eat healthy and work out regularly and I am also a pure vegetarian, still I have high cholesterol level….. 240. How do get under control?

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10:17 AM | 27-05-2019

Cholesterol increases with increase of inflammation in the body. Identify the cause of inflammation and remove it. Cholesterol is to heal inflammation so please do not take medication to decrease inflammation as the body will bounce back with higher cholesterol to heal inflammation.

Food that causes inflammation.:-
1. Dairy.
2. Refined oil.
3. Refined sugar.
4. Preservatives in packaged foods.
5. Smoking and alcoholic beverages.
6. Lot of medication.

You can reverse high cholesterol in 30 days. Go on only fruits and raw vegetables for 30 days. After that focus on lifestyle change.

Fatty liver is of two types - alcoholic and non- alcoholic. Alcoholic is self explanatory, Non-Alcoholic is invariably associated with diet rich in refined oil, fats and high medication. Body having gone through high inflammation stores fats in liver for emergency. So go on fasting regularly to enable the body to use this reserve.

09:15 AM | 02-09-2019

Dear  health seeker, don't  go by the  standards of  allopathic way of  of  naming  a  person with this and  type of  diseases  since they don't measure up to their  standard  specifitions,.I  have known  many  individuals with  having  higher cholesterol, bp, blood  sugar levels low BP our  sages and saints of yore had quite different sets of these parameters and lived for fairly long years and healthily , how modern medicine Will account for these how can allopths  get away by explaining these phenomena,these vary from person (only  by the  so called  standard  specification  of  allopathy) living  a healthy life, We  indians are  genetically  ,hereditaraily quite  different from the European  counterparts for whom  these specification are laid  down  ,Do we have any  standard for Indians, i think not. Secondly anyone  living in accordance to the  laws  governing our organism  as per  nature intended us to live, need not be  awed by  high  cholesterol, high BP  etc 
    Live  healthily  eat  plenty of vegetables raw and cooked  fruit, do some  Non violent pranayama, go for a walk  fast for a  day in  10 to 15 days  ,
      Forget about the business of  fatty  liver ,care should be taken only if you have any  dis-ease, physical  discomfort 
    V.S.Pawar     MIINT  1980

09:14 AM | 02-09-2019

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in your blood. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease due to deposition of fats particularly in Liver and viscosity of veins and arteries.

With high cholesterol, you can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Eventually, these deposits grow, making it difficult for enough blood to flow through your arteries. Sometimes, those deposits can break suddenly and form a clot that causes a heart attack or stroke.

In your case your life style seems to be the cause of your fatty liver. First of all you must understand that if fat is there that means you are taking more than the required quantity that may be healthy or else. So try to make slight changes in your intake by reducing half of your diet or may be ten percent in grams of your weight.

Follow natural rules: half your diet when you cross thirty, further half your diet when you cross fifty. After sixty take liquid diet like a child.

Yogi one time, bhogi twice and rogi takes meal thrice.

Holistically skipping one meal according to your lifestyle is boom for the life.

Take lot of oxygenated water preferably early morning. Followed by natural tea or dhania pudina mixed juice with ginger extract.

Walk on heal for ten minutes twice a day to detoxify your body.

Jumping on palms may be five to ten minutes makes your heart healthy.

Sudarshan kriya is the instant and wonderful yoga for full body for burning fat.

Vaman (vomiting) is best to clean liver and kidney.

Have meditation on rising sun without clothing around chest.

Deep breathing will save your heart from bad cholesterol.

Have a healthy heart and liver.

Prof Dr Srikrishan Sharma

11:39 PM | 20-03-2019

Consume foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids like 1 tap flaxseeds or1 walnut everyday 

09:13 AM | 02-09-2019


निष्कासन ठीक प्रकार से और सही माध्यम से ना हो तो शरीर ग़लत माध्यम से शरीर में पनप रहे विषाक्त कणों को निकालता है क्योंकि शरीर का एक लक्ष्य है अनचाहे विषाणुओं को शरीर से निकाल बाहर करना है। 

एनिमा किट मँगा लें । यह किट ऑनलाइन मिल जाएगा। इससे 100ml पानी गुदाद्वार से अंदर डालें और प्रेशर आने पर मल त्याग करें। ऐसा दिन में दो बार करना है अगले 21 दिनों के लिए। ये करना है ताकि शरीर में उपस्थित विषाणु निष्कासित हो जाये।

सूर्य उदय के एक घंटे बाद या सूर्य अस्त के एक घंटे पहले का धूप शरीर को ज़रूर लगाएँ। सर और आँख को किसी सूती कपड़े से ढक कर। जब भी लेंटे अपना दायाँ भाग ऊपर करके लेटें ताकि आपका सूर्य नाड़ी सक्रिय रहे।

आहार शुद्धि और सही स्वाँस लेने के तरीक़े से हम इस बीमारी पर नियंत्रण पा सकते हैं।

गहरा स्वाँस अंदर भरें, रुकें फिर पूरा स्वाँस ख़ाली कर के रुकें, और फिर सहज साँस लें तो एक चक्र पूरा होता है। ऐसे 10 चक्र करें, मेरुदंड को सीधा रखें और पेट ख़ाली रखकर इस अभ्यास को करें। जितनी देर स्वाँस को सहजता से रोक सकें उतना ही रोकें। अनुलोम विलोम करें।

खाना खाने से एक घंटे पहले नाभि के ऊपर गीला सूती कपड़ा लपेट कर रखें और खाना के 2 घंटे बाद भी ऐसा करना है।

नीम के पत्ते और खीरा का पेस्ट अपने लिवर पर रखें। 20मिनट तक रख कर साफ़ कर लें।

दिन में दो बार तिल के तेल से घड़ी की सीधी दिशा (clockwise) में

और घड़ी की उलटी दिशा (anti clockwise)में मालिश करें। नरम हाथों से बिल्कुल भी प्रेशर नहीं दें।

मेरुदंड स्नान के लिए अगर टब ना हो तो एक मोटा तौलिया गीला कर लें बिना निचोरे उसको बिछा लें और अपने मेरुदंड को उस स्थान पर रखें।

मेरुदंड (स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें। हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें और हफ़्ते में 3 दिन मेरुदंड का स्नान करें। 

सब्ज़ी, सलाद, फल, मेवे, आपका मुख्य आहार होगा। आप सुबह सफ़ेद पेठे 20ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ। 2 घंटे बाद फल नाश्ते में लेना है।

दोपहर में 12 बजे फिर से इसी जूस को लें। इसके एक घंटे बाद खाना खाएँ।शाम को 5 बजे सफ़ेद पेठे (ashguard) 20 ग्राम पीस कर 100 ml पानी मिला। 2घंटे तक कुछ ना लें। रात के सलाद में हरे पत्तेदार सब्ज़ी को डालें। कच्चा पपीता 50 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। कभी सीताफल ( yellow pumpkin)50 ग्राम ऐसे ही डालें। कभी सफ़ेद पेठा (ashgurad) 30 ग्राम कद्दूकस करके डालें। ऐसे ही ज़ूकीनी 50 ग्राम डालें।कद्दूकस करके डालें। ताज़ा नारियल पीस कर मिलाएँ। कभी काजू बादाम अखरोट मूँगफली भिगोए हुए पीस कर मिलाएँ। रात का खाना 8 बजे खाएँ

लाल, हरा, पीला शिमला मिर्च 1/4 हिस्सा हर एक का मिलाएँ। इसे बिना नमक के खाएँ। नमक सेंधा ही प्रयोग करें। नमक की मात्रा दोपहर के खाने में भी बहुत कम लें। सब्ज़ी पकने बाद उसमें नमक डालें। नमक पका कर या अधिक खाने से शरीर में (fluid)  की कमी हो जाती है

खाना अच्छी तरह चबा कर खाएँ, खाने के 1 घंटे बाद पानी पीएँ खाने के बीच में या खाने के तुरंत बाद पानी पीने से खाना हज़म ठीक से नहीं होता है। जानवरों से उपलब्ध होने वाले भोजन से बचें। 

तेल, मसाला, और (wheat) गेहूँ से परहेज़ करेंगे तो अच्छा होगा।



प्राकृतिक जीवनशैली प्रशिक्षिका व मार्गदर्शिका (Nature Cure Guide & Educator)

09:12 AM | 02-09-2019


Liver is an very essential organ of the body.It is responsible for converting the important nutrients into the forms that are needed for healthy body build up.It removes poison from the body by detoxifying the alcohol, medicines and other harmful chemicals that enters the bloodstream.
Fatty Liver problem can occur to any person. Any individual who lives an unhealthy life may suffer from liver diseases that could lead to serious health problems in future.
Avoid taking high dosage medicine for longer period. Maintain life balance by maintaining time for sleeping, eating and physical fitness so that such problems will never occur.
Eat organic fruits and vegetables, avoid sleep under air conditioner for longer period.

To overcome this problem try below remedy:

1. Take 7 almonds
Add 2 dried dates
Add 3 small cardamoms
Soak them in water overnight
Crush them to make fine paste the next morning
Eat once every day

2. Take 4-5 tomatoes
Boil them in 500 ml water for 15 min
De-skin and crush the boiled tomatoes
Press them on a sieve and extract their juice
Drink the juice every morning on an empty stomach

3. Increase intake of whole-wheat flour, brown rice or parboiled rice, mangoes, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, Indian gooseberries (amla), grapes, radishes, lemons, dried dates, raisins, almonds, and cardamom.

4. Drink Plenty of water.

5. Take adequate rest.


04:40 PM | 21-03-2019

Any animal foods will contain cholesterol so you need to switch over from milk and its products to home made plant products. You can find substitute recipes for plant milk and curd on this website.

Packaged foods have to be avoided too so also eating out.

11:38 PM | 20-03-2019

There are few cases I have handled including people who weaned from cancer medicines with induced fatty lliver also healed from the same as they fully switched to a whole food plant based lifestyle. Low fat , zero oil and grease usage, high raw. Wfpbd ( whole food ..) removes the need for sugar and things that are processed and refined. Outside packaged foods etc. . Even if you say you are not consuming all this now, the condition did not happen overnight. The liver got to this sluggish and inflamed state over many yrs of toxic waste cleansing. Medicines must be completely removed. Wellcure has plenty of articles if one read will be able to avoid the need for meds when a wfpbd is followed. Vegetarian lifestyle can also cause diseases. Switch to a healthy vegan wfpbd and see the condition magically disappear. Be blessed

12:09 AM | 28-05-2019

Whole food plant based diet - plant foods to be consumed as whole as available in nature


11:39 PM | 27-05-2019



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