10:25 AM | 08-05-2019

What is the best super-food?

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3 Answers

03:21 PM | 08-05-2019

To me, there’s no better super food than the fresh air, sunlight, water enriched by the sunlight, earth and the sky. 

Every living being basically functions on energy and energy can be got purely from its original sources. 

That doesn’t mean that we don’t need food. We do need food which is full of life, that is, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. 

The food doesn’t act on the body, the body acts on the food. The better your digestive system is the better it can digest, assimilate and absorb energy from whatever you have eaten. 

Every living being, plants and creature on this earth has all types of vitamins, minerals, etc in them in different ratios. But that doesn’t make it the right food for you. Eat anything and your body will take something out of it. But if you want super health then concentrate on a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Eat human-specific food. This will assist in overall improvements in your health.

Be Healthy and Be Happy Always 

07:43 AM | 13-05-2019

Right food consumed at right time is a super food.

What is right food? Food designed for human body with 3 essential elements - WATER, FIBRE and LIFE. Fruits, vegetables (mostly raw and lightly cooked), sprouts, nuts and seeds qualify the criteria

What is right time? Eat when you are hungry. Hunger is psyiological language of body's preparedness to digest food. Eating food when you are not hungry is wasting body's energy with little gain.

Superfood term emerged and camouflaged our thinking that there is some special food which we need to buy. We forgot the basic rules and now keep searching for super foods which keeps on changing from moringa to fish oil to chwyanprash to horlicks to green tea. Every few months there is one emerging displacing the other.


03:20 PM | 08-05-2019

Hi! While most of us are used to this "superfood" terminology, it is more of a marketing term than a nutritional term! Basically, a particular food item with some specific nutritional content and supposed health benefits gets highlighted as a super-food! So, in my opinion, all fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts are actually superfoods! As far as we are eating such live foods in variety we need not worry about having a particular food. No one food item can assure wholesome nutrition for sure!

Having said that, there are some food groups known to be high on specific nutritional content. Example, green leafy veggies are high on minerals, while nuts & seeds are high on fats, legumes are a great source of proteins and so on.

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