10:30 AM | 09-05-2019

Hello everyone! I am trying to remove refined sugar from my kitchen. I tried using honey and jaggery. But these options are not very satisfactory in every dish, my kids especially ask for sugar only. Was wondering how about “sugar-free”? Is a good substitute for sugar?

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3 Answers

04:42 PM | 09-05-2019

Sugar free is not a healthy alternative to sugar.

Firstly you need to get over the craving for sweets by consuming lots of sweet seasonal fruits. Secondly,  introduce the kids to new sweets made of nuts, dates etc. if you try to substitute sugar with jaggery or honey they will still look out for the previous taste. Introduce new tastes and help them develop new taste.

Don’t force, just transition slowly. Don’t expect overnight changes.

Be healthy Be Happy Always. 

02:29 PM | 09-05-2019

Once we are weaned off sugar, we forget the taste and if you eat it again after a long time you can’t tolerate the amount of sweet that hits the tongue. Educating them about the ill effects of sugar will help. 

Initially start mixing sugar and jaggery to the food item, then slowly increase the jaggery content and make. Like this although the transition is not drastic, body’s taste buds learn to deal with it. This trick works for most of the transitioning.

02:29 PM | 09-05-2019

It is great that you are trying to remove refined sugar from your kitchen. It requires some patience and acceptance that other natural alternatives will have a different taste. It is a small price to pay for better health.

If you are asking about the sugar free artificial powders you get in the market, they are equally bad if not worse for health. It is better not to substitute one bad thing for another. Try these alternatives too - 

- Dates, raisins or other dry fruits

- Sweet seasonal fruits and their purees or smoothies

You can also find many recipes without sugar in this website. Try them in small batches. Your tongue will soon adapt to the new taste.

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