02:19 PM | 24-05-2021

2 din kabz hoti hai, 2 din dast hote hai to kya kre?

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04:21 PM | 27-05-2021

Hello User,

If you have both constipation and diarrhea, you may have a type of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Specifically, you may have IBS-M, the mixed type.
Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the large intestine. It occurs due to long term consumption of high-fat diet and spicy foods and following an incorrect lifestyle. 

Its symptoms are uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing. Its symptoms include cramping, bloating, diarrhoea, etc. There are several lifestyle changes and diet changes that you may follow to get some relief. 


  • Have fibre rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and beans as it will help to ease some symptoms like constipation. 
  • Avoid dairy products as they are very difficult to digest for our digestive system. 
  • Avoid alcohol, chocolate, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks. 
  • Drink sufficient water during the day to be hydrated and eliminate the toxins out of the body. 
  • Drink freshly prepared homemade fruit juices with fibres. 


Practising yoga asanas and pranayam regularly helps to improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the body. 

  • Start with sukshma vyayama like rolling your ankles, wrists and neck.
  • practice suryanamaskar daily. 
  • Do kapalbhati pranayam and anulom-vilom pranayam regularly. 
  • Take early morning sunrays daily. 


Sleep is extremely important as it reduces the stress levels from the body and mind.

So, take proper sleep of at least 7-8hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. 

Thank you 

04:52 PM | 01-06-2021

Hello User,

Regular consumption of fatty diet and highly spiced food leads to indigestion which causes gastric trouble which includes Crohn's disease and fatty liver, which happens due to inflammation, what you are suffering from is Irritable bowel syndrome.Toxins are the primary cause of gastric trouble.Our sedentary lifestyle also plays a role in this picture. What needs to be taken care of now is the fact that a major change in lifestyle and diet will be the cure of the problem.

In digestive problems with the consumption of this kind of food, the problemis, from the oesophagus to rectum everything is disturbed. The toxins are in the body, call it to stomach ulcers or gastritis, they relate to the same cause. With a healthy change in routine, what makes a major difference is by changing lifestyles, that we are not only curing the disease at this stage but also preventing future relapses.

Now let us understand what changes we can make:


Starting your day with something light in nature and easy to digest is what your breakfast should be. Even the early morning ritual should include consumption of two-three glasses of warm water will help in flushing out all the toxins.

  1. Including a fiber-rich food item that helps in adding bulk to the stools, for example having apples, bananas, nuts, etc. which have a good amount of fiber in them.
  2. Have one tomato with black pepper in the evening time an hour before dinner.
  3. During evening time, take an inch of ginger and boil in two cups of water with half a teaspoon of turmericand honey, this will help in beating inflammation caused by indigestion.


  • Sitting in the position of Vajraasana will help in the treatment of indigestion. After your meals practice, this poses for better digestion and easy stools.
  • A brisk walk in early morning sun from 30-45 minuteshelps in treating your body to its level best.


In any kind of disease, stress comes complementary to it, but with our assurance and positive attitude, we can treat anything. The best thing to start with is breathing mindfully before sleep with the help of music to stay positive.

A positive attitude will help you to deal with everything in life.


Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is helpful in dealing with any problem, sleep is our body's natural response and helps the body to heal. Sleep relaxes the muscles and strengthens our body.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you

Thank you.


04:21 PM | 27-05-2021

Subah Pehle safed pethe ka juice piye, khali pet me.. ek ghante ke baad hi kuch khaae..

Raat ko jitna jaldi ho sake khana kha le

Apne khana me millets include kare, jaise jowar, nachni, etc

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