02:46 PM | 03-03-2022

Hi, my daughter is 5 years old and is suffering from Atopic Dermatitis from her 4th year. Is there a remedy for this through food control?

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12:08 PM | 04-04-2022

The human body works towards maintaining its pH or acid-alkaline balance. It functions optimally when the pH of the blood is slightly alkaline (around 7.36-7.42). As per nature cure, most symptoms/diseases are caused because of increased acidity. Acidic residues get built up because of wrong food habits as well as non-food elements. Stressful situations and negative emotions may be acid-producing in the body. By becoming mindful and taking corrective action to get our body back in sync with nature – food, sleep, rest, reaction, etc. the balance is automatically restored. And one can expect to get freedom from discomfort/disease.

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