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10:25 AM | 24-06-2019

What is a life without a thyroid gland? What are the complications? What are the chances of pregnancy?

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3 Answers

12:31 PM | 20-06-2019

Dear Ayshwarya - Thyroid has a very important role in our body, more so in pregnancy. I know someone who had a thyroid issue, suffered 2 miscarriages before she finally delivered a child. But all through the 9 months of the pregnancy she was bedridden & had to be looked after. She was on strong medication all through. Definitely not a situation anyone would like to be in. I'm sure you can find many such cases online.

You should read this blog to get a perspective - Hypo or hyper thyroid - correct imbalance naturally

I would suggest you first work toward's reclaiming your health by supporting your body naturally. Only when you are in good health, you'll be able to take care of other things. Work with a naturopathy doctor / nature cure expert who can understand your condition in more detail & hand hold you through the process. You are in which city? Let me recommend an expert to you.

Best wishes.

01:22 PM | 20-06-2019

Having a thyroid issue is not the same as not having a thyroid gland. It is very important to take advise from a holistic doctor before planning for a pregnancy


08:21 PM | 20-06-2019

Whether people have a thyroid gland and it’s absolutely not functioning or people don’t have a gland and it’s partially not working are two different things. 

Either way, many studies say that the malfunction thyroid is not responsible in messing with the conception or the reproductive system function. That’s a misconception. The condition of the body when the thyroid gets removed due to cancers or growths, will have a high level of scavengers and virus in the body to feed on the toxins and they would have infected the thyroid and the reproductive system too. Where there are harmones these like to feed on it. The thyroid is such a sophisticated organ that even without it the body relies on the adrenals for backup. Ofcourse the adrenals will be overworking to compensate this underproduction of thyroid. In a weak body, adrenals can also be compromised and that is not a great situaionto be in. All said and done, body knows how to manage with missing parts as they work beyond what we see on an operation table or a microscope or some funded studies. 

In my opinion, if effort is put to maintain a natural lifestyle as close to natural as possible with a major raw diet , exerccises, good sleep , no mental and emotional stress etc , the reproductive system which is protected by the thyroid and many other endocrine glands will do its job too. The only way to know if this works is to try to make it happen. Instead of believing some pessimistic stories of “the gland is missing so the child cannot happen too”, trust the amazing miracles and principles the human body works on and give it a shot. Nothing harm can come from eating fruits veggies greens legumes as your food. You have to just put some effort to unlearn all the unhealthy food habits and learn the natural ways of eating food like a small baby. Reproductive system from a spiritual perspective has its own energy system to grow a life in it . It’s so high end that it has a lot of interdependencies and contributing factors to make this system work. The creator or the creation is not dumb to make this sophisticated system depend on just one endocrine secretion. We need to get out of this thinking that we know everything about the body and it’s as weak as a device that a human being makes with its own flaws. We are talking about a flawless machine called human body. It has a lot of backup systems that we can’t even dream and comprehend. It’s more than what you can believe.

Having said this, please follow as close to natural living as possible and help recover from the toxaemia in the body and help the body recover and function to its fullest. Be blessed 

12:33 PM | 25-06-2019

Hi Ayshwarya, 

Please consult a Nature Cure practitioner, if you need a natural guidance in the process of pregnancy despite glanular problems in the body. 

Mindful proceation is the goal of Nature Cure lifestyle and that starts way before the conception. 

Thank you...

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