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09:24 AM | 03-07-2019

What is the best natural way to stop hair from turning white?

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6 Answers

10:25 AM | 04-07-2019

Dear Yukti,

Please do read our article on hair health listed in our Body Wisdom section.

Team Wellcure

10:15 AM | 04-07-2019

Hello Yukti Ji,

First we should understand why we overcome such things.

Main causes are;

Lack of nutrition to the scalp due to improper diet, Stress
Deficiency in vitamins like:
Vitamin B
Not cleaning the scalp regularly
Using very hot water while washing hair
Excessive blow drying
Regular usage of hair dyes
Lack of sleep
using high dosage pills on regular basis.

This are the major cause of hair thinning.


Avoid refined foods, refined sugar, junk food, and alcoholic and carbonated drinks.
Avoid Pitta-aggravating foods like spicy, heavy, and oily foods, as well as tea and coffee.
Avoid using chemical products on the hair.


Increase intake of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable juice prepared from carrot, beetroot,amla, curry leaf on regular basis.

Mix powdered Indian gooseberry (amla) and sesame seeds in equal amounts. Take 1 teaspoon twice a day with water.

Take 7-8 crushed curry leaves
Add 3 tbsp of coconut oil
Heat this mixture for 5-7 min
Strain the mixture
Massage on scalp when lukewarm and rinse your hair with normal water.

Do yoga and pranayama when ever time permits.


10:17 AM | 04-07-2019

Rapid aging of the cells due to toxaemia or accumulation of toxins also ages the hair because they multiply rapidly compared to other cells in the body. It depends on the internal health of the individual. One can slow down greying but once it’s grey we can’t reverse it. The way to slow down is to ensure to eat foods that don’t consume a lot of digestion ( raw food ) and lead a holistic life that does not have stress / negativity emotionally. Balanced exercises, exposure to natural elements like sun / ground / good breathing etc. This is a lifestyle and it tAkes time to see the effect on hair. It takes few yrs. Hair unlike other organs are not so Essential for survival .. so body tends to focus on healing the most important ones and come to the less imp ones later . Meanwhile we can try to avoid all forms of chemicals from Touching the hair and skin like soaps shampoos of all forms and stick to home made products.

Check this hair wash / body wash / handwash recipe that I use. I don’t have a lot of grey hair when compared to my peers. People have given a good feedback after using it 


10:12 AM | 05-07-2019


Hair is a great indicator of health!

Untimely greying of hair indicated the toxicity of the blood.

One needs to address this considering all aspects of the right lifestyle.
The INPUTS need to be in sync with Nature.
The ACTIONS need also to be in sync with Nature.
The THOUGHTS needs to be as neutral as possible to align with Nature.

This is only the best way to reverse the untimely greying of hair.
Greying with age should not be considered as a problem.

Followings are cues to alignment with Nature:

More sunlight
More Fresh air and rhythmic breathing
Pure water
Unaltered/uncooked RAW food, as much as possible

Regular physical activities, including exercise.
Spine Care
Optimum Rest and Sleep.

The neutral state of mind to identify the impermanence of the universe.

Thank you...

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC)
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always. 
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles. 

10:17 AM | 04-07-2019


  • Dried Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry)
  • Water
  • Lemon juice

Make a thick paste by adding lemon juice in Amla powder. Now add some water to dilute the paste to a smooth consistency. Now leave the paste to soak for 1 hour at least.

After soaking, your remedy is ready. Apply this paste on your hair and scalp. Let it sit for one hr. After this, mix alovera with herbal shampoo and wash your hair.

Use this twice a week.

10:16 AM | 04-07-2019

Avoid using chemicals in your hair.

Eat more hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables.

Reduce heavy to digest foods like dairy, non veg, grains, tea,coffee, alcohol. smoking etc

Protect hair from external pollution

Sleep on time.

Pls also read this blog on hair

and a smiliar question


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