09:25 AM | 03-07-2019

What is the permanent solution for PCOD naturally?

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2 Answers

03:49 PM | 03-07-2019


PCOD In general known as Polycystic ovarian disease is a gynaecological disorder. Many young girls and middle-aged Indian women are suffering from this syndrome which is a marked by appearance of multiple cysts on ovaries and disturbances in monthly menstrual cycles.

Which leads to- 

Menstrual disorders


Abnormal hair growth on face

Hair fall from scalp

Weight gain

One of the major cause for this PCOD is, not following natural life style. Having junk foods on regular basis. Not Sleeping on time. 

Negative feelings like stress and tension should be avoided.

Using more pills which leads to side affects.

To Overcome PCOD:

Seasonal frutis like such as apples, oranges, grape fruit, pineapple and papaya and pears, are recommended.

Follow a lifestyle that will not aggravate any dosha to your system.

Remove toxins from your body, engage in physical activity like yoga, exercise brisk walking.

Eat on time, natural fruits and vegetable to included more in your diet. 

Sleep on time.

10:06 AM | 05-07-2019

The permanent solution to each and every health problems, obviously including PCOD, is a reversal of the ongoing pattern of lifestyle and sync it with Nature as much as possible.

PCOD is nothing but toxin accumulation in the ovaries.
Toxin gets accumulated over the years to surface as a symptom.
Toxin gets accumulated due to the inability to throw the toxins from the body.
The inability to expel the toxin happens due to the overuse of the body's vitality in different activities.

When we reverse our lifestyle to sync with Nature, we end up conserving a lot of vitality.
Conserved vitality, throws up the toxins and we get relieved from the specific health problem.
The Cure is this only; other all routes would be suppression to the specific problem till it erupts as some other problem.

Conservation of vitality happens in 3 domains:

More sunlight
More Fresh air and rhythmic breathing
Pure water
Unaltered/uncooked RAW food, as much as possible

Regular physical activities, including exercise.
Spine Care
Optimum Rest and Sleep.

The neutral state of mind to identify the impermanence of the universe.

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles.


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