09:22 PM | 14-07-2019

Namaste! My age is around 35 but my weight is not as per requirement so any one suggest me for any ayurvedic treatment. I live in Jaipur so you can refer me any doctors or consultant in Jaipur city.

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10:10 AM | 15-07-2019


Pls provide some more details your height. If you have some health issues. Your eating resting routine etc. So that to help you.
For this you need not to visit any doctor you just need to assist your body in the right manner and you will see the change.

Take care

02:51 PM | 15-07-2019

Also pls quit the entire dairy products.


02:47 PM | 15-07-2019

Good afternoon

Smitha had provided a wonderful solution you must try since she is an expert.

And if you want to go slow and is unable to change your entire lifestyle in a go then you can slowly keep adding nice and healthy eating habbits to your routine and also start doing the pranayam (the breathing exercises).

Start your day with fruits primarily bananas and mangoes they are the building fruits and will give you loadz of energy. Two or three are not sufficient you gotta eat six Atleast in a go for this you can put them in a blender add some water churn and your delicious fruit smoothie is ready also you can mix both Mango and banana.

In addition you can have soaked raisins, dates, figs with the fruits till 12 in the noon.

Slowly stop the consumption of wheat in place of it you can use more of red/brown rice, Sama rice, millets etc they are the healthier options.

Start taking vegetable juices for that you need not to have a juicer just churn them well in a grinder with little water and add more water to it your vegetable juice is ready add a dash of lemon and you good to go.

These days cucumber is in season you can wash it nicely slice it and add to your grinder with little water pour it in the glass add more
water and lime no salt or pepper that's it.

Also you can make juices of lauki, beetroot, pumpkin, tomatoes, Palak, you can the recipe section on the wellcure you will many options there.

Add natural fats to your diet like coconut, almonds, cashews etc also the seeds you can add in salads like sesame, chia and flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.

Stop all packaged food eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Go out and enjoy the nature walk on grass breathe the fresh air hug the trees, gaze the morning sun and do kapalbhati, anuloum- vilom, the aum uchaarna all will benefit you in great deal.

Take care.


12:30 PM | 15-07-2019

Thanks you for quick response.height is 5"8 and weight is 55 kg.

Kindly suggest


03:55 PM | 15-07-2019

Namaste. Our online guided program to achieve optimum weight is scheduled for next month. Do join that if you like.

Also, you can avail of our 'Wellcure Buddy' services whereby we help people shift to a natural lifestyle. As you align yourself with Natural Laws, body will find its optimum level.

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Team Wellcure

10:10 AM | 15-07-2019

Hello Namaste sir,

What is your Height and Weight at present? Also what is your regular diet?

please say few things about you so that we can able to consult accordingly.


03:53 PM | 15-07-2019

Namaste Devinder. As per Natural Laws, it is best for the body to decide what your weight should be. What you should focus on is how you feel - do you feel energetic throughout the day, do you feel happy, do you sleep well, are you constipated, do you experience any aches & pains, are you on medication for any health issues, are you exercising enough or do you lead a sedentary lifestyle, etc. Once you address these issues, weight gain or loss is a byproduct. 

12:41 PM | 15-07-2019

Being lean or obese depends on how your body has reacted to the incorrect lifestyle you have been leading sir.  As funny as it may sound, food with life such as fruits greens and vegetables in its raw form will clean you up from toxemia and help your body work better to absorb the nutrition. People can get cleaned up in a healthy way and exercises that can help strengthen the muscles will keep you in shape. We were meant to lead a hunter gatherers life. We don’t live like that anymore. Eat fresh food like you can’t cook while ur in a forest and work out like you have to run and move your body to gather food. Such things will eventually restore the build of your body. You can’t eat fats and fatten yourself up. It’s a wrong way of looking good outside but feeling unhealthy inside. 

Quit animal foods like diary ( all animal milks and milk products , anything made with that too) , meat eggs fish sugar maida wheat. 

Start your day with a fresh glass of cucumber juice 

Have fruits in the morning for breakfast 

Have salads for lunch with coconut 

Have a oilfree millet based dinner. 

Work out in a gym or yoga that will make you sweat for 1 hour 

Exposure to sun for 30 mins 

Practice breathing exercises to rejuvenate your cells 

Take water enema without disturbing your regular bowel movements in the morning 


This must make you look healthy and also if your body needs more muscles building, it will . This is the process to lighten up or put on weight. Body decides that .. 

Be blessed 


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