09:51 AM | 26-07-2019

Sir I am suffering with sexual dysfunctions and loss of libido and erectile dysfunctions what should I do?

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11:21 AM | 26-07-2019


Eat fresh fruits and veggies and have adequate sleep.

Be out of Depression and stress. 

Crush ginger to a paste
Take 2 tsp of this ginger paste
Add 2 tsp of honey
Mix well
Have this 3 times a day to see the improvement.

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10:46 AM | 29-07-2019

12:05 PM | 26-07-2019

Lack of activities and wrong lifestyle habbits could have an impact on the sexual functions. Some diseases which affect sexual functions arediabetes, cardiacvascular (blood vessel) disease, neurologicaldisorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, smoking and alcoholism and drug abuse.

Natural remedies play a vital role in the management which might be basic steps that we miss out on daily basis. Certain physical activities or lack of activity could have an mpact on sexual functions. Its a best policy to avoid medication as much as possible, instead on could make required changes in their lifestyle patterns

Some of lifestyle changes to consider include:

  • Exercise on a regular basis - Exercises maintains the optimum health. It increases blood circulations and nutrion to various parts of the body. Exercises could prevent from sexual dysfunctions.
  • Eat Healthy Diet- Nutritious and healthy diet could prevent the risk of heart diseases, atherosclerosis, and diabetes which are major factors of sexual dysfunctions
  • Quit Social drugs, Smoking and Alcohol - These substances could adversely affect the sexual functions. Hence avoiding these substances is the best policy in case of sexual dysfunctions and also prevents the body from other health risks as well
  • Manage Stress - Stress could a play vital role in sexual dysfunction and management of stress through leisure activities, mediation, deep breathing. Some life related issues like relationship troubles, work,  finances are most commonest causes of stress. Remedial measures like counselling sessions, active participations in leisure activities like gardening, stress management workshops at workplaces, work-life balance programs could help us to manage stress
  • Active sexual partipation - This could have tremendous impact in the management as well.

If you are unable to tackle the problem with the above said remedies, then it is advisable to seek opinion or consult a specialist.

11:22 AM | 26-07-2019

If you are looking at a holistic approach to healing, switch to a whole food plant based diet without any animal products, sugar, bakery foods, wheat, maida , packaged foods etc.. switch to zero oil cooking. Stay on veg juices till 12, have fruits only till dinner, have salads for dinner. Continue this for one month and you would have got a lot better. Let me know on this same post how you are doing / if you have any questions 

10:46 AM | 29-07-2019

When heavy, dense foods which clog the all the pipes in your system(read the thousands of blood vessels , lymphatic systems) are consumed regularly, parts of this system collect toxins, slowing down blood flow and differemt symptoms start showing up.

Dense foods are meat, dairy, eggs, cooked foods heavy in grains, nuts and seeds.

What is your diet currently?

Please also work on reducing stress and increasing activity with some sort of exercise.

watch this video too and switch to a whole plant based diet.



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