11:32 AM | 27-07-2019

Hi I have a stammering problem can anyone suggest me what can I do for the same..

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02:57 PM | 27-07-2019


आप प्रति दिन 10 अच्छी बातें अपने बारे में काग़ज़ पर लिख लें और आइने के सामने बोलें।

सुबह की शुरुआत बेल्पत्र 5+ करी पत्ता 5 पीस कर १०० ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ, एक घंटे बाद लें, १२ बजे दोपहर में पालक १० पत्ते + पुदीना १० पत्ता पीस कर १००ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ, शाम को 5 बजे दूर्वा घांस 20ग्राम पीस कर छान कर 100ml पानी में मिला कर पीएँ।रात का खाना ८ बजे तक में कर लें रात का भोजन में सलाद ही लें तो बहुत अच्छा होगा।

मेरुदंड ( स्पाइन) सीधा करके बैठें, हमेशा इस बात ध्यान रखें और हफ़्ते में ३ दिन मेरुदंड का स्नान करें।

सर पर एक सुती कपड़ा बाँध कर उसके ऊपर खीरा और करी पत्ता का पेस्ट लगाएँ।

गले पर खीरे और कपूर का पेस्ट लगाएँ 20मिनट के लिए और बेलपत्र का जूस रोज़ रात को सोने से पहले लें

आँखो पर सूती कपड़े को गुलाब जल में डुबो कर रखें और उसके ऊपर खीरा और धनिया का पेस्ट रखें २० मिनट के लिए रखना है रोज़ दो बार ये करें।

02:56 PM | 27-07-2019


Exercises are effective in treatment of physiological causes of stammering. In general, exercises are meant to provide strength to the organs associated with speech including tongue, lips, jaw, and lungs.

Many people who stammer have found these exercises to be beneficial in reducing the intensity and in some cases, completely curing stammering problem.

So start yoga or any excerise by learing from expert.

09:50 AM | 01-08-2019

Thanks sir for replying me I'll definitely try yoga


05:44 PM | 09-11-2019

Build self confidence by reading books. You don’t have to prove to others and impress them. You are fine the way you are. Practice talking to yourself in the Mirror and understand the rate of flow of thoughts to the brain and mouth. It works well. Speech therapy works, in many cases I have seen that you just have to understand the rate of flow of thoughts and speech coordination without worrying about quality of delivery. Practice Pranayama under a trained teacher - Kapalabhatti (cleansing breath), Brahmari (bee breath), Sitkari (cooling pranayam), and Anuloma-Viloma (breathing from alternate nostrils), Simha kriya / lions breath or pranayama are effective yogato help. Practicing meditation is also an effective form of yoga to cure symptoms. When you sit in dhyana, for days together, just close your eyes and mentally count from 500-1, and if you become good at it, 1000-1. Just focus and train urself to focus in the counting. This will help the thoughts to stabilise it’s rate.

Beyond all this, for the messages in the brain to work and comms to work better, you need a clean GUT. For that to happen, you need to remove all animal foods in ur life, sugar and such junk and include a lot of raw fruits veggies and greens like main food. Add one cooked for dinner without any oil. You should be fine with practice of the above. You will get better because a person i know had it and she is way better than many of us in her career and is a success. She gets way better appreciations than her normal speaking colleagues. It’s your knowledge that matters and how less conscious you are about impressing others. Who cares what others think about u? Just focus on being satisfied and raising your own bars about impressing yourself with the progress u make . Success will come only when you achieve happiness and contentment about yourself irrespective of who and what you are. Look around people with far more issues than you. Time and practice will make you better . Go try !


11:12 AM | 01-08-2019

Hi thank you so much ma'am for giving your helping hand I'll try this 

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