10:29 AM | 02-08-2019

I wanted to know what is the correct time to take green tea. Earlier I use to take in morning soon I wake up but someone told green tea should not be taken in empty stomach. Is it true? And is green tea is not good for people having acidity problem as i have acidity sometime. Please guide me

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05:46 PM | 10-10-2019

Namaste 🙏

Morning time is to cleanse our internal body system. So you can avoid having Green Tea in empty stomach. 

If you don't have a habit of having Green Tea on regular basis , then it is good....Because If you start taking any of these Home based Herbal Teas like Tulsi , Pudina , Ginger , Lemongrass , Clove , Cinamon ...then your Health will be improved. 

Only Green Tea is not Root cause of your Acidity....

For your Acidity you can follow some Do's and Dont's 


✔️ Chew your Food properly.

✔️ Also to Chew Water nicely.

✔️Give proper intervals in two Solid meals.

✔️ Have Saunf and Zira after Food as Mukhwas.

✔️ Early Dinner is one of the best Lifestyle Habits


❌ Running after having food.

❌ Cold Drinks like Cocacola and other.

❌ Dairy products

❌ Spicy and Stale Food

❌ Packet and Processed food 

Thank you 🙏

01:51 PM | 03-08-2019


ग्रीन टी को हम प्राकृतिक चिकित्सा में बढ़ावा नहीं देते शरीर की जो स्वाभाविक ताप है उस से ज़्यादा ठंडा या गरम पेय हमारे (nervous system) को कमज़ोर करती है, मगर आपको चाय की आदत है तो आप इसे शाम को लें। गरम पानी में पुदीना पीस कर मिला दें या धनिया या तुलसी या करी पत्ता या लेमन ग्रास लें।

चाय का तापमान शरीर के तापमान जितना होना चाहिए।


06:16 PM | 04-08-2019

Yes it is...u can have it after 45 mins of ur breakfast or lunch..

11:31 AM | 11-10-2019

Dear health seeker, At the outset I may mention that there is only one drink, that is water  rest every drink is  food.   Secondly the  nature of this 'green 'tea  is not known, i mean to say that the ingredients of green tea is not known, there are n numbers of green teas of different brands are  doing the rounds in the market. 
    In  pure nature cure there is no place for stimulating drinks  ,first of all any one following  hygienic way of living will have no need to drink  hot or cold  beverages early morning. If we have the right type of food in the night and a  refreshing sleep then the  incumbent will be full of energy in the morning, and will need  nothing to drink in the morning  It is time to introspect the  way of living, which is  ceating a  craving for any stimulants early morning  it is  not  conducive to the health, sooner it is got rid of better it is 
      Please live healthily and you will enjoy a fine and energetic morning full of  life  ,vigour and energy 
V.S.Pawar MIINT 

11:31 AM | 11-10-2019


 ग्रीन टी  उत्तेजक या उत्प्रेरक पदार्थ है जो हमारे शरीर के आंतरिक अंगों व मस्तिष्क से कार्य करने की क्रिया को बढ़ाने का दबाव देता है यह सही नहीं है ,हमारे सभी अंग सुचारू रूप से कार्य करें इस हेतू हमें अधिकतर मौसमी फल व हरी पत्तेदार सब्जियों का सेवन करना चाहिए ,जिससे भोजन का पाचन , अवशोषण व मल का निष्कासन सुचारू रूप से हो, शरीर को पर्याप्त मात्रा में पोषण मिले ,सभी अंग अपनी लय के साथ कार्य करें, यही हमारे शरीर को स्वस्थ रहने के लिए सही है; ग्रीन टी लेना उचित नहीं है।

05:48 PM | 10-10-2019


  • You can take green tea in the morning after breakfast.
  • Best time is Before meals or after meals.
  • Avoid in empty stomach because the tannin present in green tea causes stomach pain, nausea and vomiting sometimes. 
  • Yeah it's true Drinking green tea in empty stomach may cause acidity also. 
  • In night time advised to take green tea 1-2 hrs before going to bed. It helps. To. Burn your fat while sleeping. 


05:46 PM | 10-10-2019

Green tea or any tea is a nerve stimulant. Anything that stimulates the nerves also impacts other normal functions on a subtle way that you can’t notice. It’s best to replace them with herbal tea. 

Ginseng, hibiscus, chamomile, nettle ( very close to green tea in taste ) , ginger, tulsi, lemon, turmeric, dhaniya , jeera, pepper , cardamom , cinnamon, clove are good to combine and drink.

Mornings are best started with a big glass of lime  water / veg juice to flush the body after its night elimination. Post that fruits. 



Be blessed 

Smitha Hemadri ( Educator of natural healing practices)

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