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11:29 AM | 07-12-2021

What is the natural cure for Lipoma?

09:31 PM | 29-06-2020

I have itchy and dry eyes after I did sun gazing for few days. Now it has become red after itching too much. How to get rid of this?

12:43 PM | 11-01-2022

I feel that my stomach is always bloated. I also feel vaginal infection. Can you help me?

11:59 AM | 09-12-2021

Can you share some remedies for Gall bladder stone (9mm)?

06:54 PM | 10-01-2022

My eye power is -2. 0, how can I reduce to zero? I don't like to wear glasses, is wearing glasses compulsory?

03:39 PM | 03-01-2022

Hi, I have developed fissures. I have a family history of it. Though I'm new to it, it's mild. I get it once in a month, it's painless & then heals automatically. Should I consult doc? I notice it aggregates during my periods only & then heals. Though it has improved because I have changed my diet. Please pour in your suggestions.

03:48 PM | 06-01-2022

I am diabetic, can you share some natural ways to get rid of it?

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