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02:40 PM | 02-11-2020

How to cure digestive problems?

02:49 PM | 02-11-2020

Hi. I am 41 yrs old and have thyroid and recently got to know of galactorrhea , and high prolactin level. Got mRI done which indicated hormonal imbalance and I started my medicine for galactorrhea. Today level of prolctin is 4. 41 but T 4 is 11 despite taking medicine. I have got dyspepsia too during last month. Got worst side effects of hormones like depression, sad mood, and anxiety too. Can anyone help how to heal self. I don't want medicine anymore

01:14 PM | 02-11-2020

Is pcod and ovarian cysts same? Please suggest remedies for ovarian epithelial neoplasm favours borderline

01:18 PM | 02-11-2020

I get water from nose frequently. Pls suggest what could be the problem and how to cure permanently?

07:41 PM | 27-08-2020

Hello, I am having sever migraine from last 40 years which is now very chronic. I am taking medicine but no relief. I tried homeopathy- Allopathy and Ayurvedic. I am having one sided pain very very severe. What should I do. Please tell me.

10:42 PM | 14-04-2020

How to cure sudden hearing loss due to vertigo? And is it possible to cure it even after fifteen years?

01:56 PM | 30-10-2020

I have IBS diarrhea. Tried every medicine from ayurvedic , homeopathic and allopethic. But no relief. My all test are normal. Need help.

12:38 PM | 30-10-2020

Hi I'm 45 & diabetic. My weight is 52 kg, ht. 5'10". I really want to get some weight. I work out daily for 1 hr. BSL is 220. Pls suggest

10:35 AM | 28-10-2020

I am 34 yrs woman ,I am suffering my allergies, over weight ,asthama and sensitive skin, stress and anxiety. Please guide me

10:36 AM | 28-10-2020

My age is 24. My abdomen got distended. So, I went for scanning. MRI Report : Diagnosed with complex bilateral ovarian cysts(20*17*15 cm on left and 17*14*16 cm on right). Biopsy Report : Ovarian epithelial neoplasm favours borderline. But, I don't have any pain, and my periods are regular. Please help me

11:22 AM | 10-04-2020

मैं 32 साल का युवक हूं। खराब दिनचर्या के कारण मेरी दाढ़ी के बाल सफेद होने लगे हैं और उम्र 40 की लगती है। दाढ़ी के बाल वापस काले हो जाएं एवम् मेरा काया कल्प के लिए कोई निदान सुझाएं। धन्यवाद!!

10:37 AM | 28-10-2020

Try very hard to lose weight but unable to lose especially facing difficulty in losing visceral fat. Pls suggest.

10:33 AM | 28-10-2020

What should be the diet of tb patient? The age is 39 yrs female.

10:44 AM | 26-10-2020

I am 39 years old. My weight is 74 kgs according to my height I must be 67 kgs. I eat only once during dinner and in lunch I have salads or sometimes mono fruit. But since few days I am suffering from flattuence problem and acidity that is during night when I am sleeping.. Please let me know how can this flattuence problem be solved. Thanks.

11:01 AM | 26-10-2020

Pls suggest lower back pain remedy.

09:57 AM | 26-08-2020

I am experiencing over thinking on everything, all the time. So I cannot sleep properly, cannot concentrate on any work. I feel drowsy when excessive thoughts come. What is the solution? I had thyroid - TSH was 11, diagnosed 3 years back. Allopathy medicine caused me heart palpitation so I stopped medicine. Is this because of thyroid I am facing this issue? I do alunom vilom , kapal bhati pranayam but it relaxes me for few hours only. Pls advise.

11:45 AM | 27-10-2020

I am 55 years old male. I am a diabetic for the past 15 years. I am not taking any medicine. I used to go exercise regularly i. E a walk for 30 minutes and do yoga. But now I am feeling numbness in my feet and burning sensation while urinating. Kindly advice.

10:57 AM | 26-10-2020

Iam 43 years old and suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and I had heavy periods for 6 days and again after 15 days I'm bleeding drops from 6 days what should I do? What is the reason?

05:55 PM | 26-08-2020

I am 30 year old unmarried woman my height 5'2 weight is 52 kgs normal in bmi but putting on weight only on belly how do I get rid of it have skin breakout as well after I start exercising, Please hep! S

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