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11:35 AM | 06-11-2021

I am a patient of SLE. I want to stay fit & strong. I feel fatigue, body pain,& weakness in body. Due to intake of high dosage of medicine, it is also affecting my skin due to which I am getting marks on my body. I am taking medicines from last so many years & would like to get rid of the same. Please suggest me some useful diet & treatment for SLE.

01:48 PM | 20-11-2021

How to replenish Vitamin B12 with raw vegan diet?

03:51 PM | 18-11-2021

I have severe piles problem due to which severe constipation is there. I take medicines for constipation and piles. I have become thin and night sleep is also an issue. Also, I face indigestion and lack of appetite. I am ready to follow a lifestyle as per nature cure, can you share long term solution for this problem?

05:40 PM | 11-11-2021

I am going through IVF. Age is 37. Have been diagnosed with low AMH and low vitamin d. Doctor says poor ovarian reserve. As per doc can’t conceive naturally as my right Fallopian tube is blocked after last miscarriage d&c three years back and since then couldn’t conceive naturally. I want to reverse this situation of low eggs and conceive. Can I benefit from any program?

12:35 PM | 25-10-2021

My daughter is 8 years old and she has been suffering from various allergies from past 6 years, eczema patches, sneezing, when sneezing stops then coughing. I have stopped her dairy, wheat, refined oil, still her allergies are there. She was already low on weight scale and after stopping the dairy her weight reduced further, she is so weak with no muscles, homeopathic allopathy ayurveda holistic, i have tried all of them. But she is not getting releived.

02:14 PM | 14-07-2021

I am 19 year old boy and how to cure the sinus tachycardia?

02:07 PM | 06-07-2021

I am 24 year old, my height is 5'10 but my weight according my height is very low ,what should I do?

02:58 PM | 03-11-2021

My sister's age is 17, she has issues of TB spine. I don't want to go for allopathic treatment to cure this, What can I do to resolve this naturally?

11:35 AM | 12-10-2021

Good evening,I am 38 years old, from few days I am having burning in esophagus and not feeling hungry, pls guide!

11:32 AM | 19-10-2021

Hi, I m a 76 years old Sr. Citizen. I want to undertake fasting of required duration under the guidance of an expert to cure my chronic problems/disease relating to my execratory system or say, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Can your center help me in this regard?

05:43 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi! How can I control my high BP naturall? Secondly how can I control my anxiety?

12:34 PM | 25-10-2021

Hi guys, I am suffering with GERD / acid reflux and vitamin D and B12 deficiency. Can any one suggest diet plans for curing of my problems

03:56 PM | 11-11-2021

Hi my wife is 35 years old is having acidity and gastritis. Whenever she eats spicy food she feels burning sensation in her upper stomach. Allopathy doctor prescribed her some anastetic antacid syrups , how to treat this holistically and naturally with foods?

05:39 PM | 18-10-2021

How can I cure neck pain?

05:37 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi i am 54 years and my weight is 73. I am trying to reduce but it is not possible. Kindly guide me to reduce weight.

06:46 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 29 years old male. I had panic attacks for 6 months and was under psychiatric medication. Now I am only on propranolol beta blocker 10mg. I experience bloating/acidity everyday which triggers my heart rate and inturn increase health anxiety and i get relief only after gas goes completely. Please suggest diet considering I have kidneystone/sinusitis. Some days I also get insomnia due to bloating on upper abdomen. Heart pounding is the main symptom which increases my anxiety. Please Help.

11:15 AM | 05-11-2021

As winters are also approaching, Can you share home remedies for sinusitis?

05:05 PM | 08-11-2021

Can you suggest usage of Anu tailam for E. N. T and sinus problems. Also, can it be used on a regular basis?

09:01 PM | 17-09-2021

Age 45 Male, HbA1c is 8 please suggest natural remedy.

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