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09:03 AM | 12-10-2020

Hi Please suggest which cooking oil should be used for cooking

12:19 PM | 07-10-2020

My 7. 5 yr old son is suffering from autism, still doesn't speak anything. He is also suffering from constipation. Please suggest

11:24 AM | 15-10-2020

Since last few days I have numbness on the tip of my middle. Finger and ring finger. Pl adv cure. Thank you.

11:13 AM | 15-10-2020

I am quite thin and want to gain wait and muscle. Any tips for me?

11:23 AM | 15-10-2020

Kya acne hona problem hai? Muje 5/6 saal se acne hai , mild acne hai kbhi toh jayda ho jate hai kbhi kmm, kya muje koi medication leni chaiye ya nhi? Meri umar 21 saal hai

11:21 AM | 15-10-2020

Hey I'm Ahona. I'm a 14 year old girl. My current height is 5 feet 5 inches and my current weight is 80 kgs. Actually since three months I'm not having my periods. So I went to a gynecologist who gave some tests to do. In the test results I got high blood pressure, diabetes, enlarged liver and grade 2 fatty liver. So can you Please tell me the diet which I should go through and some exercises which will be helpful in losing my weight? Also please tell me that can these things be solver?

11:16 AM | 15-10-2020

My daughter's age is 24 and is diagnosed with bilateral complex ovarian cysts. The cysts are very large that her abdomen got distended and other parts are compressed by the cyst. Is there any treatment for her in naturopathy with out surgery.

05:51 PM | 26-08-2020

I am suffering from psoriasis from Last two years and also having in between fingers and nails Please suggest me any cure!

09:51 AM | 26-07-2019

Sir I am suffering with sexual dysfunctions and loss of libido and erectile dysfunctions what should I do?

11:02 AM | 24-08-2020

How to prevent early puberty. I see the signs of puberty at 7 years like (breast development, pubic hair).

12:13 PM | 24-08-2020

My daughter is diagnosed with adenoids, is there natural cure without surgery? Pls suggest.

11:20 AM | 07-09-2020

I want to bring down my sugar levels through diet and exercise. Happy to exercise whatever control and discipline required for the purpose. Pl advise

11:24 AM | 07-09-2020

I don't know why white hair rapidly increasing on my leg. My age is only 23 plz help me. Tell me any exercise and pranayam to cure it.

11:42 AM | 01-09-2020

Hello everyone, I am 31 aged male I am suffering from allergic rhinitis and eczema on my eye pupils from more than 10 years I have been taking homeopathic medicine since 3 years but not decreasing, please suggest.

10:04 AM | 14-10-2020

I am a 48 year old woman on hypertension medication for the last 16 years. Had borderline diabetes till last year but now due to stress at work and a sedentary lifestyle my sugar levels have shot up. Fasting sugar is 178 and PP is 347. HBa1c is 11. 9. One doctor wanted to put me up on insulin today and I fled from him. Consulted another diabetologist and have promised him that I would do my best to turn things around. Can you help?

10:56 AM | 10-09-2020

Hi, Is drinking hot water with lemon and honey first thing in the morning a good practice?? Also, I came across in some places that honey in hot water turns toxic and affects the body, how far is this true? Thanks in advance

08:56 AM | 12-10-2020

How can we cure constipation?

10:09 AM | 14-10-2020

Which fruit, vegetable, grain should be avoided in hypothyroidism. I'm 31 yr old female and have many health issues.

07:49 PM | 07-09-2020

Hello, My son's age is 24 and weight is 114 How can I help him reduce this?

11:19 AM | 07-09-2020

My flow of urine is not good. It comes out very slowly. Any natural way to cure it?

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