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09:52 AM | 10-06-2020

How to improve weak eyesight?

02:08 PM | 21-12-2018

My 6 year old has fever and cough for some days. What should I do?

09:53 AM | 10-06-2020

Hi! I'm suffering from LP disease due this having black spots on my body. What should I do?

10:39 AM | 08-06-2020

I am suffering from ibd (crohn's) from last four years. Now I am suffering from indigestion & loose stool. How could I improve my digestion?

10:50 AM | 07-01-2019

My domestic help had fever n joint pains. Fever has come down in 3 days with medicines. But pain in wrists, fingers n knees is bad. Doc has suggested painkiller n multi vitamin. Any suggestions pls. Tx

02:00 PM | 08-06-2020

How much protein is required if you are doing heavy exercise? My brother stared doing workout at home to loose weight during this lockdown. Now after loosing weight he is building muscles. But from watching YouTube videos, he started taking lentils twice a day. Lentils are proteins and I have read its hard to digest. Kindly tell me is it ok to take lentils twice a day for him?

10:47 AM | 08-06-2020

Hi! My sister in law is 26 years old. Recently she got to know that she is suffering from gall bladder stones, total 4 and the bigger one is 5. 5 mm. Is there any natural remedy to remove those stones?

02:02 PM | 08-06-2020

How can one control nose swelling/blocked nasal due to pimples inside nostrils?

10:41 AM | 08-06-2020

In kumbhak pranayam where do we fill oxygen, in lungs or in stomach and why? And plz tell me is kumbhak is good for white hair problem?

02:30 PM | 08-06-2020

Hello team, Some traumatic incident happened in my family before 2 months. Now somebody talked about that incident in front of me I felt heart heaviness restlessness suffocation.. My digestive system is not working properly due to stress and depression... Poor diet... I m not able to focus on my studies because of this problem.. Please suggest me what should I do?

02:25 PM | 08-06-2020

Is there a natural way to cure rheumatoid arthritis? Patient is 32yrs old, problem since 7yrs,left ankle joint movements are reduced.

03:50 PM | 09-01-2019

Is there a way to deal with accumulated gas on a particular side of abdomen leading to acute pain and discomfort?

09:48 AM | 25-05-2020

How to deal with nerve weakness naturally?

11:07 AM | 04-05-2020

I am currently dealing with acid problems in the stomach. What can I do to help this problem?

10:39 AM | 11-03-2020

I am obese and diabetic. How to treat this?

11:06 AM | 18-05-2020

This query is for my wife, she is 32, our 2nd baby is one year old. She is having pain in neck and back shoulders. She is having gastric issues also. After 2nd pregnancy the pain has worsen and if we press some points below neck back, pain is radiating to hands also, because of holding baby the pain has increased, she took some medication, but is not effective. Also due to feeding, worried to take any allopathic medicines. Can I get suggestion, which medication would be effective to treat her

09:38 AM | 25-05-2020

Is walking 3 km uphill in morning in 27 mnts daily a good exercise for a 65 yrs old male?

10:20 AM | 11-03-2019

How can I naturally cure hair fall?

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