100% Wholewheat Sourdough Bread & Focaccia | Healthy Baking | 30th July - 13th August

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Batch 4, 30 July - 13 August


Strap on your aprons and get your baking supplies ready! We are back with yet another fun and exciting Masterclass!

Batch 4, 30 July - 13 August

What is Sourdough Bread?

The origin of sourdough goes back to 1500 BC Egypt. Commercial yeast was not yet available in markets and hence fermenting the grain was the sole method of leavening the bread. Leavening refers to the rising of the bread and sourdough is a naturally leavened bread. It is prepared through a slow fermenting process, without using any commercial yeast. The recipe makes use of live fermented culture made from flour and water, which is called the “starter”. This acts as a natural leavening agent for the bread. 

How does it taste?
As the name suggests, sourdough has a characteristic tangy taste, a chewy texture and a crispy crust. It also has a hint of earthy yeast flavour.

Why is it good for health?
Since sourdough is prepared without any artificial flavours, additives or leavening agents, it definitely scores brownie points from the health standpoint. The fermentation process breaks down the phytic (antinutrient) content, thus making it easier to digest and more nutritious. It develops a natural flavour due to the action of two gut-friendly bacteria- Lactobacillus and Acidobacillus.

You will learn:
7-Step process of baking a perfect 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread covered over 12 days!

Step 1 : Making the Sourdough Starter
Step 2 : Maintaining the Starter
Step 3 : Mixing, folding & shaping the Dough
Step 4 : Proofing the Dough: In this step, the yeast for fermentation is activated, which helps the dough rise
Step 5 : Scoring the Dough: Making cuts on the dough with a sharp knife to allow smooth expansion of the bread without any ruptures
Step 6 : Baking Sourdough Bread
Step 7 : Discard Recipes: Sourdough Pizza & Sourdough Crackers In the process of feeding the starter, some portion of it is removed. This portion is called the ‘discard’ which we won’t waste!

Program Schedule:

Session 1 | 30 July | 4- 5:30 PM
Making the Sourdough: Step 1-4

Session 2 | 31 July | 11 AM-12:30 PM
Scoring & Baking Sourdough: Step 5-6

Session 3 | 13 August | 11 AM-12:30 PM
Bake Sourdough Focaccia and Sourdough Crackers: Step 7

DAILY WhatsApp Support: 02 - 12 August | 11-11:30 AM

Program Highlights:
-Recipe Ebook with bonus options & checklist for future starter-making & baking
-Troubleshooting access to the expert baker via Whatsapp
-90 days access to session recordings

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Priya Vijan is a plant-based food, health and fitness enthusiast. She has been among the top 40 of Masterchef India Season 6. She currently runs a home-based bakery, Melt It Down, which provides plant-based, gluten-free, refined flour-free and nutrient-dense confectionery. Her ebook- Slick Belly is dedicated to plant-based recipes. 

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