Gujarati Dhamaka! Healthy Gujarati Cooking Workshop (Aug 18 & 19, 3:30-5:00 pm)

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Healthy Versions Of Irresistible Gujarati Recipes - Khaman, Undhiyu, Thepla & Many More

No Dairy | No Oil | No Gluten | No Processed Sugar | 100% Plant-based, Nutritious Recipes

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Is it the wide range of recipes, the taste, or the diversity of Gujarati cuisine that makes it irresistible? We say it is all of the above. If you are one of the aficionados of Gujarati food, or simply someone who loves to try different cuisines you are in for a joyful experience.

We are announcing a Healthy Gujarati Cooking Live Workshop - The Gujarati Dhamaka! True to its name, it is going to be a burst of flavors, textures, colors, and delightful tastes. 

Learn to make a range of Healthy Gujarati recipes that are 100% plant-based, oil-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, without complicated procedures!

Why Should You Join This Workshop?

We are making much healthier Gujarati fare, and how?

  1. Good For Gut: Fermented and gluten-free Gujarati recipes (such as Khaman) are very gut-friendly. 

  2. Nutritious: Recipes use chana dal besan which is high in protein. Besan made of unpolished chana dal is high in fiber too!

  3. Healthy Steaming or Baking: Steaming is a popular cooking technique in Gujarati cooking, which helps retain the nutritional value of food. We will use steaming and baking methods (in some recipes), no frying. 

  4. Dairy-free & Healthful: A raw sweet dish, Basundi, made during this workshop is going to be Vegan (no milk) and includes seasonal fruits!


Workshop Schedule:

Day 1: Aug 18, 3:30-5:00 pm

  1. Demonstration of recipes

    1. Stuffed Khandvi

    2. Ameri Khaman

    3. Mini Undhiyu

  2. Q&A

Day 2: Aug 19, 3:30-5:00 pm

  1. Demonstration of recipes:

  1. Dal Dhokli

  2. Muthiya

  3. Sitaphal Basundi

  1. Q&A

WhatsApp Group Support: Aug 20, 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Free Recipe E-book with all the Workshop Recipes, and additional recipes

Workshop Fee: INR 748/- & inclusions:

  • 2 LIVE Gujarati Cooking Sessions

  • Demonstration of 6 Recipes

  • E-Book with Additional Recipes

  • Access To The Workshop Recording for 1 Year

  • WhatsApp Q&A


About Workshop Coach:

Smita Dedhia, Health Food Curator: Smita founded Nirvana, a health foodservice brand in 2015, she has been following a plant-based lifestyle for 10 years. She was also an expert panelist at SHARAN. Her recipes are made with wholesome ingredients that are good for the gut and pleasure the tongue. 

Contact on WhatsApp @ +91 9910607815 or +91-9810693910 or +91-8447412948 for any queries. 

Cancellation Policy:

  • The participation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • The personal information of each participant is secure with us. Your privacy is guaranteed.

  • In case the program gets canceled by Wellcure, participants will be refunded 100% of the program fee. It would reflect in their respective accounts in 5-7 working days.


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