About Us

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” - Hippocrates (Father of Medicine)

Understanding health from the lens of nature cure, simplified our daily choices. We have experienced the magic of our bodies healing when we made those choices. We came across many people who had made similar changes and overcame severe health challenges.

So, came the question, if health is natural and simple, why is this knowledge not more common place? Why don’t we know about others… why don’t we have a place to interact, learn, and share our experiences about natural health?

This is where the idea of Wellcure was born.

At Wellcure our vision is to transform the health map of India through application of Nature's laws. We want to make natural health mainstream and a day-to-day experience.  We want to encourage, support and inspire people to take charge of their health.

Our mission is to build India’s largest natural health community.

We imagine a world where we can touch 1 million lives… people who can come forward to share their real life experiences of overcoming various health issues through natural lifestyle changes.

Our motto … 'Learn, connect, simplify your health naturally'!!

  What is Wellcure?

Wellcure is your companion, guide and most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and wellness.

We believe health is a natural state of being. It is harmony of body, mind and spirit.

We know journey for optimum health is challenging today.

The sea of conflicting information requires light house of insights. The lack of direction requires compass of practical solutions. The storm of crisis needs anchors.

We will provide you with health insights, recipes and access to health community and learning opportunities to evolve.

We promise to make your journey smooth, engaging and inspiring.

Welcome aboard!

  What can you do at Wellcure?

We want to make sure our users are able to implement daily health actions consistently. At Wellcure, you can connect with like-minded individuals, who have done natural health changes, and experienced the joy of illness free medicine free life. We will also connect you to the ecosystem of natural health (through coaches, learning modules, vendors and products) so that making daily assured choices around health is easier.

We need to unlearn, re-learn, refocus and simplify the approach to food and health. Here is what you can do at Wellcure…


Know more about Natural Laws

  • Learn about body’s healing mechanism
  • Clarify your doubts about health
  • Understand nature’s design for your health


With community to ask and get inspired

  • Ask and find solutions to day to day transition challenges
  • Read health transformation journeys
  • Tips to tackle health crisis through food and lifestyle change


Make actual changes in daily life

  • Find healthy recipes and watch DIY videos
  • Ask about healthier ingredients and food options, cooking techniques
  • Learn to build a wellness kitchen at home
  Our framework of principles

There are a certain set of principles that we follow in our daily lives and these have benefitted our health. We feel each human body is unique, but following principles will provide you the overall framework to achieve good health. Each one of us should work towards finding our balance.

  • Body heals itself, we just need to facilitate the process.
  • Being in-health is nature’s design for all organisms, including humans.
  • What we eat, what we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we feel? - all are important.
  • Quality of health, not longevity, is a true measure of health.
  • Good health is conservation of body's energy at physical, mental and emotional level.

Based on the above, following are the building blocks of good health:

RIGHT FOOD designed for us

  • Whole plant based foods: The evolution of human beings has primarily been supported by a whole plant based diet. They are not only nutritious; they are also easy for the body to digest, absorb and eliminate. On the other hand, animal foods, namely dairy and non-veg, are not our natural instinctive foods. They place a burden on our digestive systems.
  • Living foods: Closest to their natural state are ‘live’ foods, they are teeming with enzymes beneficial for health. Cooking destroys enzymes and reduces nutritive value. Hence, try to include a lot of raw food in your diet. The main categories of natural foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, pulses and beans, grains.


  • Sleep: Sleep is important for the repair and maintenance function of the body. Without proper sleep, body is unable to clean up the toxic build up in the system and toxicity is a key reason for all diseases.
  • Rest: From morning to night we are always running around, trying to accomplish one thing or the other. Our body works best when it is relaxed. Hence, take out time during the day to drop off everything and rest for a few minutes every few hours.


  • Sun: We must spend some time in the sun every day. Sun is the primary source of energy for all life on earth. Sunlight's energizing and healing abilities cannot be disputed.
  • Air: We can survive without other elements for some time but without Air we can survive only for few minutes. Oxygen is required by our body cells to survive. Quality of air and our breathing process determines our health.
  • Water: Water the elixir of life. It forms 70% of earth and our bodies. It sustains life and assimilating it through raw foods and natural fluids and through skin is key to sustainable health.


  • Positive engagement: Pursue an activity of your choice – music, gardening, singing, cooking, reading, etc. This helps us to stay relaxed and happily engaged.
  • Creating right behaviors and Healing environment around us supports quality of health.
  • Activity: Exercise helps to keep the body physically active and optimize its functions such as blood circulation. This is very important in today's times where most of us have sedentary lifestyles.

You can read more about our principles mentioned above in the Body Wisdom section.

  Our Inspiration

Our own journey of a natural, medicine – free world began through late Dr Vijaya Venkat of The Health Awareness Centre, Mumbai. We are deeply grateful to her for initiating us into this path. As we went along, we have learnt through various luminaries who have deepened this knowledge:

  • Acharya Lakshmana Sarma , father of Nature Cure in India
  • J H Tilden, T.C. Fry, Herbert Shelton- Developers of Natural Hygiene movement
  • Acharya S. Swaminathan , developer of practical Nature Cure system
  • Kevin Hinton , Kenneth Jaffrey – Modern Nature Cure practitioners
  • NK Sharma, Leading naturopath of India

Our Team

Anchal Kapur

An MBA – Finance by qualification, Anchal worked in the corporate sector for 10 years. At a young age of 32, Anchal faced severe health challenges one after the other. The medical world wrote her fate that she is doomed to take lifelong medications and could face possibility of infertility and IVF. Suffering, yet refusing to accept this she kept searching for alternate options. When she came across the knowledge, that all our illnesses are signals of body to take corrective action in food and lifestyle, she needed no persuasion! She made the necessary changes towards natural living, and witnessed the magic of body first hand. Read her story here.

Her own turnaround inspired her to conceive the idea of Wellcure.

Anchal loves to share her experience and help people steer their health to wellness. She makes it a point to spare a moment to acknowledge nature’s gifts. Music, swimming and her 2.5 year old son are Anchal’s ways of connecting with her deeper self.

Mayuri is a CA by qualification and a wellness enthusiast at heart. Moving through a fast paced corporate career meant long working hours and erratic schedules and all that comes with it. Frequent severe sore throats, ameobiasis, cervical spondylitis, vertigo - things seemed to go only downhill and doses of medication on the uphill. She was never able to join the dots and view them as connected. Having witnessed a history of cancer in family, Mayuri always lived under the fear of developing one herself.

This was until she came across the empowering knowledge that health is the default mode of body. Not one to do anything half-hearted, she committed to making real sustainable changes in lifestyle. She has witnessed the impact of these in form of medicine free life for self, and family including her 3 year old

Deeply passionate about natural living and finding innovative ways for healthy transition, she decided to leverage her work experience and passion towards Wellcure.

Mayuri Goswami

Swatantra Chhabra Kalra

Swatantra is a food technologist by education. She worked in FMCG companies in her professional career. She started her entrepreneurial venture called TrulyNatural.

She is also an accomplished wellness mentor, a creator and cofounder of Srishti, a wellness retreat at Chennai. She is a certified coach from World Wellness Open University and has served on the board of Noni Biotech Pvt Limited.

She was an asthmatic, and was dependent on pills and inhalers to see her through every attack. 4 years ago, she learnt that body can heal itself from all ailments and diseases. She declared war on her ailment, decided to live in wellness and trust her body to build its own immune system to fight her condition from within. She threw away all the medicines and inhalers, changed her diet to natural fruits and vegetables, started being happier in heart, and being wealthy in mind. Within 1 year, she healed herself of the disorder and is been healthy ever since!! Read her story here.

Sumeet, a CA by qualification, worked with corporate sector for 9 years before starting his first venture in the digital education sector. Thereafter he set up Groupon India operations as CFO. He then set up and grew Nearbuy.com for 3 years as Cofounder and CFO.

Being a health enthusiast earlier, he started finding it difficult to keep himself fit while working on growing his companies in last 8 years. He then attended a course in natural health and wellness by The Health Awareness Centre and got inspired by the work of Dr Vijaya Venkat. He also witnessed the great transformation of his wife Anchal from nature cure concepts, seeing which he decided to set up Wellcure to take this knowledge to the masses.

Sumeet is passionate about solving daily life problems. With Wellcure, his aim is to give people a platform where they can try healing themselves with nature cure concepts before they take any external medicinal help.

Sumeet Kapur