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Eat RAW food to HEAL!

Are we DESIGNED to eat raw LIVING FOOD?

I mean, think about it, could it be that we were meant to simply pick and eat? That there was no mistake after all? That we are in fact perfect?

All of us?

How our body processes food?

Well, we are all human beings, born with identical chemistry, the same organs, glands, and systems. Our glands and bodily functions are all the same. On the inside, we do not differ at all. Every human baby will drink their mother’s milk if available, and if not, they will still be given the same formula to drink. If we look at nature, all species eat the same within their kind, their species. Every lion has the same diet, and every gorilla does too. This is because what we thrive on eating, is what we have been designed to eat. We are designed to eat raw fruits and vegetables, and this truly is our natural diet.

We are tropical species, yes, we are primates.

I like to simply call it food.

What is the debate about different type of foods?

It’s the mindset, the same way we have labelled ‘organic’, to me, there are fruits and vegetables, and then there are sprayed fruits and vegetables. THAT is what the labels should say!

Altered food is just cooked, processed, fried, to the point where it cannot be recognized, and we are wondering if eating it in its natural state is better for us, or even healthy?

Like killing it would add anything beneficial, or that spraying the food with toxins would NOT be detrimental to our system?

To me, it is very obvious.

And from my experience, even more so.

How different animals consume food?

You see, we can easily define the difference between carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, and frugivores. They all have different teeth, intestines and stomach, saliva production, stomach acids, general physique, and much more.

These differences are indicating what they eat, and how they can gather and hunt their food. It also indicates how they can break down the food to utilize and eliminate it. This food will leave them lacking and missing nothing - thriving and functioning optimally. No animal will wonder if they got enough nutrition, or if they are eating what is good for them. It is a natural process. They eat what makes them feel good, and they eat until they are full.

Carnivores kill other animals with their claws and tear them apart, eating primarily their organs and drinking their blood. The word carnivore is derived from Latin and means "meat-eater." Obligate carnivores are those that rely entirely on animal flesh to obtain their nutrients.

NOT like us at all.

Omnivores will eat from the plant and the animal kingdom. Most omnivores cannot live by grazing alone, and they are not able to eat some hard-shelled animals, or successfully hunt large or fast prey. The omnivores have a long and complex digestive tract. This is to allow enough space and time for microbial fermentation to occur. They have great sharp fangs, walk on paws/cloves, have strong stomach acid and small saliva glands.

Herbivores eat only green plants and herbs. Some of them are also grazers, like cows. Herbivores are animals whose primary food source is plant-based. They have evolved digestive systems capable of digesting large amounts of plant material. The plants are high in fiber and starch, and this is what provides the main energy source in their diet. Many large herbivores have symbiotic bacteria within their guts to assist with the breakdown of cellulose.

Frugivores eat primarily fruits, berries, and some tender leafy greens. They can easily grab ripe fruits off the trees. They have “hands” to pick, and teeth that can easily rip open a ripe fruit. The length of the intestines and the pH of the stomach acid shows that they are designed to digest fruits. Chimpanzees and other primates are frugivores.


You see, when we take the time to examine the human body, we will easily recognize the signs of a frugivore. No education needed anything but logical common sense. We would have a very difficult time ripping apart skin and flesh. Our nails are not claws, and our hands are like those of a frugivore - designed to pick and peel. Most of the animals that we are conditioned to eat, we would not even be able to run down, let alone kill with our bare hands.

  1. We have primarily flat molars, not designed to rip, but for mashing and grinding.
  2. Our jaws move from side to side, not like a carnivore's only vertical movement.
  3. Our convoluted colons are quite different in design from the smooth colons of carnivorous animals. We are, like other primates designed to eat fruits that will digest very easily, and need to be held in a long digestive tract for optimal absorption.

Carnivores are made to thrive on a high-fat diet, we are not. Our intestinal tracts measure about 30 feet. That is about twelve times longer than our torso. This is what allows the slow absorption of sugars from our food. The digestive tract of a carnivore is only three times the length of its torso, and it has ten times the amount of acid. This way it will be able to digest blood and muscle very easily. If a primate ate that same thing, it would sit inside and rot, and that is what it does, in humans.

We, you and me,sleep around 8 hours every night, while a carnivore will sleep around 18 to 20 hours per day. If you own a cat, you know this to be true. Your cat is not lazy. It needs its sleep to be able to digest all the animal proteins.

So you see, plant-eaters thrive on alkaline foods, while carnivores thrive on acidic food. This is not a taste preference, but nature speaking.

Who are we?

We are frugivores. Not that you need to feel you should eat fruits only, but we do love animals. We naturally have compassion for all of them, and if you leave a baby with a rabbit and a carrot, I will assure you, the rabbit will not be looked at as food.

We are drawn to the produce market by the smell and the colours. These are the living foods, the source of our sustenance. When we see road-kill or even a slaughterhouse, werevolt against it. Our mouths do not water from seeing a cow walk by, or a rabbit for that sake. I mean, there is nothing about a live animal that makes us hungry. We are simply not designed to look at them as food.

Mostly we have to have someone else kill for us, then we cook and season to taste. Nature is smarter than that, and we are living the consequences. You will never see an elephant eat a cat, or a lion eats a banana, not unless something was very, very off balance.

The natural diet of a primate is primarily fruits with some tender leafy greens, seeds, blossoms, some bark, pith, and an occasional insect. This is an important realization to us because by eating what we are designed to eat, our body will be able to heal and restore.

If you pass a monkey in a tree holding a banana, will you look at the monkey or the banana as food?

I know, as a child, they know.

Feel the energy that nature provides, the frequency of love and healing.

Walk away from suffering and fear, of addictions and pain.

You are worthy and able.

My message

My heart is filled with hope and enthusiasm when I see how more and more people are implementing more juices, fruits, and vegetables into their diet. Always feeling better, feeling more awake and aware.

So, my friends, I hope this was food for thought and that your physical food is that full of compassion and vibrancy. Like YOU!

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Nice information


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Wow! Great information


09:42 PM | 29-08-2019

You have explained so simply and logically. Thank you.


03:38 PM | 29-08-2019

Well written. We believe the same too !

Hilde Larsen

03:38 PM | 29-08-2019

Thank you! <3 Blessings.

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