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08:16 PM | 12-08-2020

My brother is 30 yr old he Feels lazy the whole day Burping problem since long. If he drinks only water he burps after that too. Sometimes he eats too much food sometimes too less like a kid. He looks weak but his weight is normal. He has habit of smoking whenever he gets stressed. His eye color is littel yellowish. Does that have any connection with liver? He has quit milk, tea but indirectly he takes milk unhealthy way via ice cream etc Kindly give advise

11:34 AM | 13-08-2020

I am having lower back pain from past 4 months. Please suggest how to get rid of that pain

11:31 AM | 13-08-2020

I want to loose weight but I have a problem My thyroid TSH reading is 5. 92. Pls suggest what to do.

11:33 AM | 13-08-2020

What is the cure for Psoriasis?

04:49 PM | 06-08-2020

I Want to loose weight, please help!

05:55 PM | 05-08-2020

I am a housewife with 3 small kids, I have severe headache backside, nausea, Giddiness for past 1 week, bp checked 144/96. Want to weight loss. Having cervical disc degeneration. My wt 85, my age 28 yrs. Having fear and anxiety,palpitations sometimes. Pricking sensation in palms and feet past 2 days. I am worried,please help me to overcome all this naturally.

09:40 AM | 11-08-2020

Hi, I am suffering from severe sleep disorder. I can’t sleep even for an hour. I was alcoholic for last 15 years and I went de addiction treatment last year, I stopped drinking alcohol, for 8 months now. I was prescribed sleeping pills, I took daily for about 3 months. It started showing side effects like feeling weak,shivering, sleepy in day time and I could not lift and hold my hands for a minute for brushing and combing hair etc. I have stopped sleeping pills from last 3 months. Pls help!

05:06 PM | 11-08-2020

Hello, I am single mother of 10 months old baby. I have pain in my knee and feel very weak while walking. After c section my body become weak. What should i do?? Please suggest

05:47 PM | 06-08-2020

I do have hypertension from last one year. I am on medication. I do brisk walk and yoga daily. My question is Can I take protein powder daily to meet my protein intake?

11:04 AM | 10-08-2020

Can pranayam have power to turn body white hair into black? Also tell me which one pranayam.

11:00 AM | 10-08-2020

My wife is 60 years old having thyroid, cervical and arthritis. Kindly suggest natural treatment and diet chart for the same.

10:19 AM | 03-08-2020

What is the easy way to rid of that spare Tyre around waist?

11:21 AM | 30-07-2020

I am suffering from neuropathic pain since last 2 years. It is probably S2 nerve injury which causes burning sensation when i sit. Is there any natural remedy for it?

09:33 AM | 04-08-2020

How to cure Hyperacidity

09:31 AM | 03-08-2020

What are the effects of on our body after gall bladder removal/operation?? What problems & difficulties one has to face??

10:01 AM | 03-08-2020

I am 26 years old and I feel a sharp pain in center of my chest, which lasts for like seconds when I am laying down or when I change my posture, This happens on and off. No cholesterol,No hypertension. Kind of frightens me,what could this be? (I have been to doctors before they say there’s nothing wrong with my heart)

05:23 PM | 03-08-2020

How to get rid of mind fear which is due to anxiety?

10:09 AM | 05-08-2020

How to reduce body heat naturally? I am drinking enough water and Juice every day, though it's not yet been solved.

09:35 AM | 11-08-2020

From last one year I have stomach problem - indigestion, gas, acidity and weakness. Last year stool test me Guardia parasite nikla tha, alag alag doc se ilaj karate karate last me is sal June me ek doc ko dikhaya toh stool tight aur sahi se hone laga. Ab fir se waisa problem hai. Pls help!

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