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04:15 PM | 03-01-2023

Hi im having endometriosis in right ovary, and we are trying to get pregnant from 3months, can I get pregnant with endometriosis

04:50 PM | 21-12-2022

Hi, my mom is suffering from high BP and thyroid. Would like to know how can we move forward?

10:21 AM | 14-11-2022

1 saal se mere pet mein pani ban raha hai aur dialysis chal raha hai!

10:43 AM | 03-11-2022

I have eczema on my feet due to auto immune disorder. Kindly help me to get cured

10:14 AM | 22-10-2022

I am having vitiligo from the last one year. I have major patches on my right feet l am taking homeopathic medicine medicine but recovery is very slow. Shall I be cured cured completely. How much time it will take?

10:39 AM | 29-10-2022

Hi I am suffering from thyroid and my thyroid gland is swelling.. Any solution for this

10:09 AM | 21-10-2022

Hey I am suffering form seborrhic dermatitis and rosacea can u help for both the problems?

06:21 PM | 18-10-2022

How can dialysis patient gain muscle mass?

04:51 PM | 18-10-2022

Hello , my daughter who is 12 years old. Can someone guide for healthy hair. Thank you

03:29 PM | 18-10-2022

My father is 81 years old. Suffering from asthama. Now using duolin and glycohale fb. Also have hernia and worst problem is frequent urination At Night, pain while urination. No sleep at night. Also body pain so less movement.

03:13 PM | 18-10-2022

Hi I am 70(male). I want to switch to fruits only diet for dinner. Can you suggest the fruits that go well with coconut milk so that all nutrients are well absorbed without causing digestion issues

02:45 PM | 18-10-2022

Hi, What fruits can one take in empty stomach in the morning. (I had read elsewhere that one should not take fruits like citrus in empty stomach)

02:18 PM | 18-10-2022

Dear sir I am eating fruits of 3 different kinds around 1 pm and then raw vegetables thereafter and then lunch, want to know whether this is an appropriate way to do?

12:40 PM | 18-10-2022

Hi, Minoxidil grown hair is temporary or permanent. And how long should we use to get permanent hair

12:10 PM | 18-10-2022

Hi sir/madam after delivery I am suffering from sever gastric problem because of gastric problem I am totally depending on medicines once the gas had formed in my stomach it gives sever pain in below the chest area. I had thyroid and PCOD problem also I need to cure it nature I need to loose my weight and my belly plz help me to cure it naturally. Which type of food should I eat and I should not eat.

11:49 AM | 18-10-2022

Hello mam I want to know about nutrition for kids of age 4 to above. What we can give the whole day nutrition. I want a total day plan for kids and videos also. My kids feel so tired and they are not taking healthy diet. They mostly feed on junk food. Pls give suggestions

10:45 AM | 18-10-2022

How to deal with depression in person naturally

06:13 PM | 17-10-2022

I'm 55 years old my weight is 70 kg I want to shed my weight. I'm not having BP and Sugar. Only calcium tablet I'm taking. Kindly suggest me the course to lose weight.

05:37 PM | 17-10-2022

Hello! Can anyone tell how to deal with wheezing problem, from bengaluru, facing breathing problem since few months, I am on nebulization and taking montair LC along with homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines. I don't take dairy products, partially on millets, even then I face lot of breathing problem. I am 41 yrs old female.

05:35 PM | 17-10-2022

Hi respected sir /madam I am suffering from gastric problem, if I eat any thing it is forming gas, how should I cure it naturally, I need permanent solution

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