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08:19 AM | 18-09-2020

Hi! I am having pain in my right toe nail I am getting this problem frequently. Pls suggest what to do?

10:46 AM | 10-09-2020

How to make detox drinks for reducing fat?

10:23 AM | 14-09-2020

Hi! I am 39 years old and my weight is 74 kg. How can I reduce it?

10:31 AM | 14-09-2020

Hi! I am 34 years. I am facing pitta dosha related health issues. There is heat in my blood and dryness in skin. Kindly suggest ways to improve health. Thanks.

10:35 AM | 14-09-2020

Hello sir/mam! I m 45 years old. I'm a thyroid patient and got early menopause. That is the reason I have many health problems, muscle problems. When I wake up in morning I feel very lazy and tired. What can I do? Plz suggest some diet plan.

07:36 PM | 09-09-2020

Hi, home remedies for tooth ache?

08:36 AM | 15-09-2020

Hello sir/madam. I am recovering from viral fever and observing a lot of backache. Please suggest what can be done. Also I have mild chest congestion. Please suggest

10:29 AM | 02-09-2020

I have lattice holes in my retina. Is it safe to go for barrage laser or is there any natural treatment available? Please give me your opinion. I have developed black floaters too.

10:30 AM | 14-09-2020

I am 30 year old married women. I have lot of facial hair. I have tried lot of home remedies such as turmeric powder, chickpea powder facepack, applied patanjali ubtan, used oats and sugar scrub but nothing worked. Underwent laser hair removal therapy too. But my facial hair is not reduced. Please advice me some effective way to reduce facial hair.

09:01 PM | 11-09-2020

Sir/madam my daughter is suffering with urticaria from august 10 th her age is 15 months please help us to find cure to the urticaria, she is suffering a lot we can't see her scratching every time.

08:52 AM | 15-09-2020

Is sugar is harmful for cancer patients. I have heard that sugar is the food for cancer cells.

10:28 AM | 14-09-2020

Hi. I've multiple keloids on my arms and one on my knee. Are there any other ways to shrink or flatten them without going for expensive medical procedures or under the knife? I can't afford to pay for anything that is extremely expensive. I would honestly appreciate some insight on what can best be done about this and any help that I can get.

08:32 AM | 15-09-2020

I have stomach ache with loose motions. What to take?

08:48 AM | 15-09-2020

This query is regarding my son who will be turning 13 this December. I am concerned about his weight (58 kgs) and height (4. 10). I want to understand what steps should we take to reduce his weight and increase height?

10:25 AM | 14-09-2020

I have pain under the heel of my left foot and this increases when I walk. Please tell me what to do.

10:38 AM | 14-09-2020

Mujhe gas ki samsya hai, pet sahi se saf nahi hota hai, 2 sal ho gye hai. Ayurvedic dawai head mai chad jati hai aur khana khane ke bad mouth se gas jyada pass hoti hai. Koi simple wala process hai jis se sab wapas thik ho jaye? Pls help me!

09:02 PM | 11-09-2020

Hi, I m 30 Year old and my problem is hair fall plz suggest specific food to avoid hair fall.

07:27 PM | 09-09-2020

Hi i am vibha I have arthritis since 18 years how can I heel arthritis with food?

10:16 AM | 11-09-2020

Can you please guide me if flaxseed is heart healthy or not?

10:42 PM | 14-04-2020

How to cure sudden hearing loss due to vertigo? And is it possible to cure it even after fifteen years?

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