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03:25 PM | 03-03-2022

Hello Experts, my 1. 5 year old son is suffering from Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis). He has severely dry skin, skin rashes and itching. When he was 4 months old we 1st noticed his rashes. We tried allopathy treatment but not happy with results and don't want to take steroids. Now giving Homeopathy treatment. The results are somewhat better & he is healing but not 100% satisfactory. The problem is reoccurring. Can you please suggest a natural way to heal Eczema skin condition for 1. 5 old baby?

11:42 AM | 01-09-2020

Hello everyone, I am 31 aged male I am suffering from allergic rhinitis and eczema on my eye pupils from more than 10 years I have been taking homeopathic medicine since 3 years but not decreasing, please suggest.

11:11 AM | 30-07-2020

I m suffering from skin problems like eczema,and itching. What do I do for this disease?. Also suffering from nasal polyps and asthma..

03:38 PM | 01-04-2020

How to cure 15-20 year old dry eczema on legs naturally?

06:54 PM | 07-10-2019

Hello friends, I am 58 yrs. Old and have sensitive skin. Some eruption occurred about 5 weeks back on my left leg and there has been continuous oozing out of some sticky substance like pus which hardens over time but then pus again starts. I was on raw diet for 7 days and have changed my lifestyle in tune with nature cure but the pus persists and I feel lot of pain and itching sensation. Pl suggest, the way forward. Can something give me relief without suppressing the disease itself?

10:45 AM | 03-04-2019

Hi. My daughter is not keeping well, skin allergy - eczema. She has been having this issue from age 2. From last 1 yr she is dairy free and bare minimum processed food, so some relief. From last 2 days she's got infection and am working on that. She's had some cheese sandwich in a bday party and it's got flared up.

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