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10:29 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi! I am facing anal fissure problem from one year. Can I take beetroot in salad or juice as I have quite low platelet count?

01:21 PM | 20-07-2020

I am advised to have diet comprising of 50%raw and natural food and 50%cooked food for all 3 meals.. I would like to have suggestions or a diet plan which will help me?

11:17 AM | 15-06-2020

What should be the diet during fever?

12:30 PM | 13-09-2019

What should be Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle during Winter Season?

09:42 AM | 10-09-2019

What should be the Diet during Monsoon Season for Healthy Lifestyle?

10:05 AM | 07-05-2019

Dear all, need help for the right kind of diet for my 15 year old son. He is into high intensity cardio, 3-4 consecutive days a week? I have heard some people recommend proteins (like eggs) right after a session. Our coach give has not given any such recommendation, so I am not sure what should I give to my son to keep up his strength & energy (before and after training).... Any advice?

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