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04:19 PM | 10-04-2024

Hi Team, can you suggest good diet for pregnancy people. I have gastric and nose block issues.

02:17 PM | 02-06-2021

Can anyone suggest me what should be the diet plan for a Cancer patient who has recently completed his treatment with Radiations and chemos?

01:55 PM | 07-12-2020

What is a low protein diet for ovarian cancer?

08:53 AM | 05-10-2020

My weight is 88 kg and my height is 5'4 i am 17 years old, can i go for a liquid diet or crash diet?

09:55 AM | 06-10-2020

Kindly suggest me the diet for breast cancer patients which are on the journey of chemo and radiations.

12:09 PM | 28-09-2020

Which Fruits and Vegetables and Grains need to be avoided for Vitiligo? Many doctors or most of the people say you need to avoid Citric fruits, Wheat, White Rice etc. Vitamin C is very much needed for body but in case of Vitiligo not sure. Most people say avoid lemon and other fruits?. What's the scientific reason behind this?

10:29 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi! I am facing anal fissure problem from one year. Can I take beetroot in salad or juice as I have quite low platelet count?

01:21 PM | 20-07-2020

I am advised to have diet comprising of 50%raw and natural food and 50%cooked food for all 3 meals.. I would like to have suggestions or a diet plan which will help me?

11:17 AM | 15-06-2020

What should be the diet during fever?

12:30 PM | 13-09-2019

What should be Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle during Winter Season?

09:42 AM | 10-09-2019

What should be the Diet during Monsoon Season for Healthy Lifestyle?

10:05 AM | 07-05-2019

Dear all, need help for the right kind of diet for my 15 year old son. He is into high intensity cardio, 3-4 consecutive days a week? I have heard some people recommend proteins (like eggs) right after a session. Our coach give has not given any such recommendation, so I am not sure what should I give to my son to keep up his strength & energy (before and after training).... Any advice?

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