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03:17 PM | 18-08-2021

I am a 39 years old woman. I have 2 queries - how can I cure loose motions, cold and sore throat quickly. The second query - is there personalised paid guiadance available. I have tried to follow natural lifestyle last year but failed badly. I am looking to gain weight and get over my periods and constipation issues.

11:06 AM | 12-02-2021

I am 37 year, suffering from loose motion and watery stool and weak intestine. Pls guide!

12:12 PM | 01-06-2020

Can anyone suggest natural remedy for loose motion?

04:48 PM | 11-09-2019

What Natural Food can we take for Energy to overcome weakness after Loose Motions?

11:05 AM | 11-01-2019

What is the remedy for loose motions?

08:20 AM | 28-05-2019

Hi! My husband had fruits for dinner last night. This morning he had another cup of herbal tea….. He has been getting loose motions. Could it be because of fruits/tea? Should I give him ORS?

12:25 PM | 10-01-2019

A 4 year old in our family has loose motions. What can be given? He hates fruits.

03:50 PM | 09-01-2019

I need some help for my 4 yr old son. He is having bloody stools since yesterday.

12:25 PM | 28-12-2018

Hi…I have bad loose motions since the evening today. Don't feel like eating much. What can I do?

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