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12:22 PM | 11-01-2021

Hi :) I took a hard fall last Tuesday and really hurt my kneecap on the asphalt. I did the best I could to clean it and applied my healing balm that normally takes pain away in less than a minute. Not on my knee though. It still hurts like crazy. Notice the most when I am wanting to sleep. Im not sure if the black part is from the asphalt or from dried blood. Too painful to clean anymore than I have. Any thoughts and remedies would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.

10:22 AM | 28-08-2020

I'm just 30 yrs old female with 2 little kids. I'm suffering a lot because of ACL tear on my right knee which brings down my entire life. Physio or pain killers nothing gives me a permanent solution. Can I get a suggestions as to where to start and how to come out of it?

09:35 AM | 02-05-2019

Hi all! I am very anxious and need help. My daughter fell down on the road while cycling. She bruised her elbow badly. While the first thing I did was giving her first aid, I want to know how I can help her recover naturally. She is in pain also.

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