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10:16 AM | 27-07-2020

Normal delivery ke Baad body me weakness feel Hoti hai even after 7 months vagina se yellowish discharge continously hota hai daily... Severre hair fall bhi hai. Bohot neend aati hai day time me bhi. Any simple home remedies?

09:48 AM | 25-05-2020

How to deal with nerve weakness naturally?

11:08 AM | 18-05-2020

Hello, I am 25 years old. I am having tingling sensation and weakness in my legs and arms. It's already been a year to this problem. Now a days the weakness in my legs and arms are so intense. Kindly suggest your appropriate suggestion.

04:20 PM | 01-05-2020

Hi! My age 21. Every morning when I wake up, my body is usually hot and feels weak. At each gap, every 3 hours, it happens again. What is happening? Also, I eat very good, nutritious food. Please help me.

03:38 PM | 09-04-2020

I m feeling very weak since yesterday. I am not able to walk. I feel dizzy. Please help.

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