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10:44 AM | 22-09-2020

My husband,Mr. Juzar, 63 years, is quite thin, and has a chronic legs weakness problem. Any activity like standing, sitting on the floor, or driving for more time can trigger it. He is very active otherwise. At night specially he might not get sleep because of aching legs, or as he terms it "ankhat" and keeps on shaking his feet till someone presses them for him. Please advise what to do.

05:06 PM | 11-08-2020

Hello, I am single mother of 10 months old baby. I have pain in my knee and feel very weak while walking. After c section my body become weak. What should i do?? Please suggest

10:16 AM | 27-07-2020

Normal delivery ke Baad body me weakness feel Hoti hai even after 7 months vagina se yellowish discharge continously hota hai daily... Severre hair fall bhi hai. Bohot neend aati hai day time me bhi. Any simple home remedies?

09:48 AM | 25-05-2020

How to deal with nerve weakness naturally?

11:08 AM | 18-05-2020

Hello, I am 25 years old. I am having tingling sensation and weakness in my legs and arms. It's already been a year to this problem. Now a days the weakness in my legs and arms are so intense. Kindly suggest your appropriate suggestion.

04:20 PM | 01-05-2020

Hi! My age 21. Every morning when I wake up, my body is usually hot and feels weak. At each gap, every 3 hours, it happens again. What is happening? Also, I eat very good, nutritious food. Please help me.

03:38 PM | 09-04-2020

I m feeling very weak since yesterday. I am not able to walk. I feel dizzy. Please help.

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