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02:54 PM | 03-03-2022

I have stone in my gall bladder since May 2021. The size is 19mm. Please suggest some cure or remedy.

03:23 PM | 03-03-2022

Does a 16 mm stone in gallbladder is need to be operated?

04:14 PM | 14-04-2024

Gallbladder stone 7. 3mm, Please suggest some home remedies

11:59 AM | 09-12-2021

Can you share some remedies for Gall bladder stone (9mm)?

12:43 PM | 23-04-2021

Having 6 mm gall stone, kidney infection and also pcod. Plz suggest any natural way.... Naturopathy Or yoga?

09:52 AM | 13-01-2020

I need gall bladder stone treatment. Can you help me pls?

02:24 PM | 18-01-2021

Please tell me all the things I need to avoid as I am 7mm stone in Gall Bladder. Please suggest foods that will help to get this stone dissolved and out of my body?

08:42 AM | 05-10-2020

My son is 7 years, has gallstones. Help me with some home remedies.

09:31 AM | 03-08-2020

What are the effects of on our body after gall bladder removal/operation?? What problems & difficulties one has to face??

10:54 AM | 29-07-2020

Multiple gall bladder stones, collectively 32 mm & largest is 13 mm. The doctor suggested operation but I don't want to go for it. Please suggest any remedy or solution.

10:59 AM | 22-06-2020

My daughter is 17 years old and has been diagnosed with stone in gall bladder. The doctor has suggested for the removal of gall bladder which we do not want to opt for. She also has borderline hypothyroidism. Also she suffers from profuse sweating especially in hands and feet. We do not want allopathy treatment. Please advise. Thanks

10:47 AM | 08-06-2020

Hi! My sister in law is 26 years old. Recently she got to know that she is suffering from gall bladder stones, total 4 and the bigger one is 5. 5 mm. Is there any natural remedy to remove those stones?

12:02 PM | 19-05-2020

Hi, I m 35 years old. I m suffering from ankylosing spondylitis. I have a pain in my back, stiffness, tingling and much more. Because of this I am suffering from vertigo, arms and legs pain, headache and weakness also.. M suffering from gallbladder stone,hemorrhoids, sinus.... Plz suggest me what to do!

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