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06:56 PM | 17-01-2022

My sister is 19 years old.. From sometime she is having very irregular periods.. She doesn't get periods sometimes and sometimes her bleeding doesn't stop.. Got her thyroid and pcod tested.. But everything looks normal as of now.. What might be the reason for this and what is the solution? Please advice.. Thanks in advance...

04:50 PM | 13-04-2024

Natural cure for constipation it started after menopause

03:17 PM | 18-08-2021

I am a 39 years old woman. I have 2 queries - how can I cure loose motions, cold and sore throat quickly. The second query - is there personalised paid guiadance available. I have tried to follow natural lifestyle last year but failed badly. I am looking to gain weight and get over my periods and constipation issues.

12:15 PM | 09-08-2021

Hello mam/sir I'm 31 years old I have a period related issue. Durimg my periods blood flow is very less, I want to concieve. Plz help me

02:06 PM | 01-07-2020

I am not getting my periods due to intake of ayurvedic medicines for periods flow. What to do now???

09:28 PM | 29-06-2020

I'm having light bleeding during my period, sticky consistency with some tissue pieces. Please help!

10:44 AM | 19-06-2020

My sister has bloating and severe headache which sometimes leads to vomiting normally around her period days. Sometimes before period sometimes during those days. Period are regular. Please suggest.

12:46 PM | 15-06-2020

Abortion ke bad periods start hone me kitna time lagta hai?

01:29 PM | 18-05-2020

Hi all, I am 40 year old , I am having irregular periods from the last 10 months ( I am getting my periods every three months) but before my periods were very regular. Please suggest what to do?. Thank you.

08:25 AM | 17-05-2019

Hi, any home remedies for my friend’s daughter who is 14 years and has not got her periods since October 2018. She gets lot of cramps and has already tried allopathy and homeopathy.

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