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04:02 PM | 25-04-2024

What are the natural ways to heal Psoriasis?

07:35 PM | 15-04-2024

Hi i am having GNE Mayopathy- autoimmune disease. Can you help with this and how?

03:45 PM | 13-04-2024

How to cure multiple sclerosis?

06:27 PM | 10-04-2024

I am suffering from psoriasis since 20 years and continuous medication , please help me.. Thank you

02:09 PM | 10-04-2024

I am 32 years old, last year in the month of October I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis. Please suggest me how can i manage the AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE?

06:18 PM | 09-04-2024

Hi,My name is Madhavi. From past 2 years I have been suffering from autoimmune encephalitis.. I have repeated pain in hands and legs like pinched nerve, muscles twitching, Numbness, lack of sleep and many other things.. I have gone through allopathic treatment and still under some medication but my symptoms are same. I'm also facing more gastric problem in recent days. Can your program help me?..

10:46 AM | 12-04-2021

Can a natural diet reverse Autoimmune. Disease like Mysenthia Gravis?

10:25 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi Team, 4 months ago I was diagnosed with Vitiligo i. E June 2020. As Vitiligo is an Autoimmune Response rather a skin problem from August I have been following a diet & I am fasting for 16 hours. Along with Phototherapy and steroids. But not sure about my diet! Condition has improved by 25-30% overall. But I don't want to stick to Allopathic medicine for longer time,I want to heal this in naturalist way, guide me better.

08:21 PM | 27-05-2020

I am 36 year old facing vitiligo mild on elbows and increasing creatinine from last 2 years. What diet and lifestyle can I follow. I am overweight.

10:13 AM | 27-07-2020

Recently I have been diagnosed with auto immune disease (connective tissue disorder) and after that I have completely eradicated dairy products and gluten from my diet. I am completely vegan from one month. But even following 16 hrs fasting, enema, one cooked meal in a day. Still I am not feeling well, low on energy and has also reduced 10 kgs within 6 months and I am loosing lot of body mass. As my bones are clearly visible now. Kindly help to regain my health and eradicate the disease.

03:16 PM | 03-04-2020

Hi I am suffering from psoriasis & auto immune diseases since 12 years, age 58 male. Pls give some guidelines.

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