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05:58 PM | 23-04-2024

I am facing several issues hypothyroid, high cholesterol and gut issues like ibs diarrhea. I take hypo thyroid medicine for one year now. I tried ayurveda and homeopathy but nothing worked. Only allopathic medicine got the level under control.

04:52 PM | 05-08-2021

A patient is aged 40, having diabeties for 3 years and complaint of persistent continuous diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach pain and irregular periods (in a month 2 to 3 times). What can be next step??

12:15 PM | 06-01-2021

I have bloating and diarrhea once in every week. This problem I am facing since 1 year. In spite of trying all medicines it's not working. I cannot understand what kind of food is causing this problem. Pls advise

01:56 PM | 30-10-2020

I have IBS diarrhea. Tried every medicine from ayurvedic , homeopathic and allopethic. But no relief. My all test are normal. Need help.

12:12 PM | 01-06-2020

Can anyone suggest natural remedy for loose motion?

12:34 PM | 22-05-2020

I want you to solve my problem, I have cough from past 1 year and along with that I am having vomiting and loose motion and tiredness and sometimes fever also. When I vomit it comes along with clear mucus(balgam) with lather( jhaag) the only condition when I vomit first breathless and cough occur then after vomiting occurs in regular period of 15 to 20. When vomit occurs loose motion also occurs although all my blood test and tb test are done due to this I have lost weigh. Please help!

07:09 PM | 28-08-2018

My husband is having loose motions for the past 4 days. Any idea what to do?

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