Raw Banana Tikki (cutlets)

Prep Time
10 minutes
Cook Time
25 minutes
2-3 persons

Raw banana is common food item in the south and east of India. It is considered a good source of iron and is therefore good for inclusion in your meals regularly, especially for women and growing children. This recipe offers you the goodness of banana in a tasty snack way.

  • Raw bananas: 2 (steamed and mashed)
  • Beetroot: ½ cup (grated)
  • Carrot: ½ cup (grated)
  • Coconut: ½ cup (grated)
  • Ginger: to taste (finely grated/minced)
  • Garlic: to taste (finely grated/minced)
  • Green chillies: to taste (de-seeded and finely chopped)
  • Coriander: to taste (finely chopped)
  • Peanuts: 2 tsp or to taste (roasted and coarsely ground)
  • Rock salt to taste
  • Wash the raw banana well, and steam it along with the skin.
  • Once steamed, remove the skin and mash well.
  • Mix all other ingredients including salt.
  • Shape it into tikkis (patties).
  • Coat with roasted peanut powder. Cook over a slow fire on a thick iron tawa on both sides.
  • Serve with coriander chutney or date and tamarind chutney.

Wellcure Tip:

Instead of using bread crumbs, maida or corn flour for coating tikkis and cutlet, we can use the following mix: ½ cup sesame seed powder, 1 tsp cumin seeds powder, ½ tsp chilli powder and salt mix can be coarse ground and can be used as coating. It makes your cutlets even more delicious and nutritious.

Eating Guide:

  • Food group: Vegetables
  • Mix this tikki with a soup, and offer as part of main meal.
  • This tikki can satiate your evening snack hunger.Add round slices of kheera, tamatar and pyaaz on top of tikki and serve as a ‘tikki pizza’.

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