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I want to

10:15 AM | 24-06-2019

08:13 PM | 03-04-2020

Hii sir... I am 24 yr old now I am suffering from hair fall, I took some medicine from a doctor's suggestion, but unfortunately no use hair fall didn't stop So I stopped taking medicine,

08:10 PM | 03-04-2020

My wife weight is 90 kg. Her height is 165 CM. Her age is 32 years. We have a one and half year daughter. She is a working woman. Kindly advise the meal changes we should bring in our diet to lead a healthy life and loose weight. What should we eat and what not?

07:04 PM | 03-04-2020

I am having skin problems since 8 years. When I take medicine it is going after completing course, I' m leaving the medicines again it is coming out. And it is occurring in the joints of the body. I m fed up of taking medicines. I have taken all types of medications like allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic. Plzzz. Help Me.

01:11 PM | 03-04-2020

My son, age 11 years is suffering from sweating of palm and feet. He can't write properly. Please suggest.

03:55 PM | 03-04-2020

I am 64 years old. I have a mild heart valve leakage. I am suffering from cough for the last three weeks. Pls help.

Body Wisdom
09:00 PM | 03-04-2020

06:50 PM | 02-04-2020

Meri wife age 64 ko ratko nind nahi aati hai puri rat bister per ulat palat karti hai?

05:13 PM | 03-04-2020

How To prevent Hypertension?

01:24 PM | 03-04-2020

Kindly suggest treatment for Amyloidosis.

04:31 PM | 03-04-2020

Why my hair stopped growing. I cut my hair 10 years back and it is not growing even a inch. Plz help. I was in a worst state and it is curly hair

01:15 PM | 03-04-2020

It is said that fasting is good for health. But for me it is very difficult and i cant stay hungry for long. I am 36 y o female, have low bp issues. I start having tremors n feel shaky n faintish if i dont eat. Whats the solution?

01:16 PM | 03-04-2020

Hi! I am having GERD problem from past 2 yrs. I am also having cough, headaches and so many problems. I really want to get rid of this. Plz suggest.

01:18 PM | 03-04-2020

Namaskaar I am 29 years old, suffering from constipation from last 3 years. Not getting solution to cure. Plz help me out.

03:16 PM | 03-04-2020

Hi I am suffering from psoriasis & auto immune diseases since 12 years, age 58 male. Pls give some guidelines.

12:21 PM | 02-04-2020

All the cough gets accumulated in my neck and it becomes red. Is it because of low immunity? What should I do to get completely rid of it? It happens again and again though I don't drink or eat anything cold.

11:43 AM | 02-04-2020

Hi! I have pigmentation on cheeks. It is spreading up above eyebrows and bit above upper lips. Pls help!

07:27 PM | 01-04-2020

Is ED and PE can be cured in men? If yes then please help me to find remedies.

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