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08:14 PM | 15-06-2021

What diet one should take after the age of 71 years? How much calorie one should consume,?

11:32 AM | 09-02-2021

Is spirulina good for health?

10:55 AM | 13-01-2021

What is non healing crisis diet plan??

10:42 AM | 25-08-2020

My aunt went through kidney stone removal laser surgery. It's been one month and She is having issues with bowel movement. It is too frequent n 4-5 times in a day. We enquired about this situation n everyone mentions that people faces this kind of issues after surgery. Doctor did not restricted her diet and allowed her to eat anything. Can anyone please suggest What is proper veg diet to follow so that proper healing can take place and normal defecation can happen.

11:28 AM | 13-07-2020

How to keep myself energetic throughout the day. I mean exactly what type of foods that I should eat. Pls suggest

11:19 AM | 06-07-2020

Am a heart patient. I had 2 surgery 11/2yrs back CABG and MVR (mitral valve replacement). Am taking Acitrom 3mg. I have to avoid totally vitamin k foods. Suggest some natural remedies.

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