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05:55 PM | 12-07-2021

Hi iwant to loose weight and facing problem of acidity, gas and constipation and irregular periods. Pls suggest

04:20 PM | 30-04-2021

(25yrs F) facing irregular periods. Last periods in Nov 2020,before that regular,missed period(3months), consulted gynaecologist on January ,suggested USG,after checking reports gave medicines for a week/month( thick endometrium) after a week (January) I had my period with heavy bleeding.. Then till march it was regular... Again I missed my period this month... Acne problem on face... What should I do now... What is the cause for this... Pls suggest and help me out.. Thank you!

10:32 AM | 10-12-2020

My sister's age 22, she is suffering from irregular periods, unwanted facial hair, acne, headache. Investigation done, Usg and hormones are normal. What are causes and treatment?

11:38 AM | 26-11-2020

Hi! I am suffering from irregular periods from last 1year. We are trying for conceive, is there any healthy diet plan that will be very useful to me?

03:09 PM | 13-11-2020

Hello, I have been eating healthy and working out for past 6-7 months. I started this as I was facing Menstrual irregularities. Now, after adapting healthy lifestyle my menstruation has become regular. But my period cycle length keeps getting longer every month initially it was 30, then 35, then 40 in the current month. I am not able to identify the cause. Please help. If anyone has any idea regarding this. I am 22 yrs old. Also, my skin has become very dull despite eating healthy.

10:23 AM | 31-08-2020

I'm Rashida. My age is 35 and my weight is 84 kg I want to lose weight. My periods are irregular and I have hair fall problem as well. Pls guide me.

09:43 AM | 17-06-2020

शादी के बाद मेरे पिरीयड्ज़ बहुत इरेग्युलर हो गए है ओर मुझको pcod की प्रॉब्लम भी नहीं है में 27 साल की हूँ मुझको कोई सुझाव दें पिरीयड्ज़ रेगुलर कैसे कर सकती हूँ

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