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02:16 PM | 14-06-2021

How to treat hairfall I'm facing hairfall too much these days. Hair thinning?

12:06 PM | 09-03-2021

I have hair fall problem. Pls suggest what to do?

10:44 AM | 22-02-2021

Hello I am 37 years old lady. I am suffering from white discharge from the last 15 years. Now I have excessive hair fall, severe back pain, weakness in my body, brittle nails, dull skin. Kindly suggest me some natural lifestyle which can cure my problem because I already taken many nutritional supplements and medicine.

11:53 AM | 27-01-2021

Hello I'm a boy. I'm having hairfall & my hairline is going backwards & my hair is thin. How to cure this naturally & can I get my hairline back to front?

02:31 PM | 18-01-2021

Have to travel 6 hrs daily. Unmarried,working lady, age 30 years. Suffering from pitta vata imbalance for long time. As a result, having tremendous hair fall, going bald, constipation, acne problem. I'm so frustrated, plz suggest me some easy steps to balance my life.

09:02 PM | 11-09-2020

Hi, I m 30 Year old and my problem is hair fall plz suggest specific food to avoid hair fall.

10:22 AM | 21-09-2020

Hi, I am 36 years old having too much hair fall and getting my hair grey also. Can you suggest me something for this?

10:23 AM | 31-08-2020

I'm Rashida. My age is 35 and my weight is 84 kg I want to lose weight. My periods are irregular and I have hair fall problem as well. Pls guide me.

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