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11:45 AM | 16-08-2021

I am 29 yr old. My immune system is very weak, every 3rd-4th day I have cold and cough. And after doing some exercise I get fever due to fatigue. Height 5'6, wt 60. Can someone suggest me how to increase my immunity. Now, at this age can it be build up more? Or what should I do for healthy lifestyle?

05:22 PM | 06-08-2019

Hi I'm 22 years old, i have been suffering from sinus since (i dont even remember) but one of my nasal passage is always blocked and post nasal drips are always occurring due to which my breath stinks. Whenever i blow my nose nothing comes out of it but inflammation stays and whenever i go for bath my nasal passage automatically opens. My spit is almost pure white in color whenever i spit out and the in the morning the cough is green but throughout the day it is transparent. Tried all med.

12:54 PM | 07-05-2021

How to get rid of cough and cold for ever? Please help

04:23 PM | 26-04-2021

Hello. I am 25 I live in Mumbai as the climate is very hot and humid I feel thirsty & if I even drink one glass of cold water my neck starts itching and cold & cough start accumulating. I can't have ice creams or anything cold. What should I do?

02:02 PM | 21-12-2018

Can I give banana to my baby when he is having cough and cold?

10:51 AM | 08-02-2021

My kid is 8 years old. From the age of 4 he is suffering from wheezing, cold, cough and later Alopecia. Pls let me know how do I help my kid from this suffering. He has got 4-5 patches on the head.

08:50 AM | 31-12-2018

What does one do for sore throat? Hubby down with sore throat.

03:55 PM | 03-04-2020

I am 64 years old. I have a mild heart valve leakage. I am suffering from cough for the last three weeks. Pls help.

12:21 PM | 02-04-2020

All the cough gets accumulated in my neck and it becomes red. Is it because of low immunity? What should I do to get completely rid of it? It happens again and again though I don't drink or eat anything cold.

05:39 PM | 31-03-2020

I am having allergic cough now, the throat irritation is also there. Mostly in winter season i used to have such difficulty but this time still it is persistent, though i do salt gargling , steam inhaler avoided all cold items like curd ice cream etc. Can anybody help me.?

10:40 AM | 30-05-2019

I have a weird problem at hand. I got cough n cold few days back. I increased my raw food and also rested well for a day or two my nose was flowing like a river and I became ok post that. But 5% of my cough cold has stubbornly remained and just refuses to go. Its been many days now and I wonder what else to do?

09:55 AM | 08-05-2019

Continuous pain in the throat n running nose for many days now. Have been taking Mix of ginger honey n lemon. It gives temp relief. Any one any suggestion. Especially for the pain.

01:35 PM | 06-05-2019

Nose blocked. Forehead congested. Legs hurt. Can someone suggest a remedy?

09:20 AM | 26-03-2019

Throat has been aching and now sneezing has started. What can I take?

08:35 AM | 31-12-2018

Hi moms, my daughter has been coughing from last 15-20 days in mornings and at night. The doc says it’s because of the allergies and not due to cold. I believe in natural home remedies and usually give her nutmeg and liquorice powder with honey and it helped her in past. Since this cough and congestion is not due to cold am not giving her these now. Can anyone recommend tried and tested remedies or safe medicines for chest congestion and cough. Thanks

10:14 AM | 24-12-2018

Hi. My baby is 6. 5 months old. He has got cough n cold since more than 15 days. What natural remedies can I use to cure him?

10:10 AM | 24-12-2018

My daughter is not able to sleep well for the past 3 nights because her nose goes dry due to her cold. Both she and I are not sleeping well. What can I do for relief?

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