02:02 PM | 21-12-2018

Can I give banana to my baby when he is having cough and cold?

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4 Answers

11:35 PM | 22-02-2021

As everyone if looking for answer that should we give banana during cold and cough for babies. 

Read ahead if you also wanted to know does banana cause cold in babies.

Personally, I have seen no difference when my child has cough or cold, and I give him banana.  That could be cause I am a firm believer that the cold, cough and fever discharge need support through the cleansing action of fruits.  Infact in my experience whenever I have cut out or lowered grains, milk and non veg during high colds, congestion I have seen relief in mucous levels within a day or two.  So my usual practice is not avoid bananas even during evenings. I often give him with no dairy smoothies, Sometimes in summers if mangoes are not ripe, it could induce irritation in throat or coughing so I make sure I give fully ripe fruits to my little one.

 Go for high water content seasonal fruits and whatever you are comfortable with but no need to fear bananas.

Hope you have got the idea regarding is it ok to give banana to baby during cold.


11:54 PM | 22-02-2021

So the question arises is it ok to give banana to baby during cold.

All fruits help in removing acidic waste in the body, when acid in the body is high the fruit helps the body’s function of removing the high acidic levels by creating a discharge be it cold or skin irritation. This sometimes makes people avoid the fruit. Though the fruit has only cleaned toxicity and not produced the mucous.

11:46 PM | 22-02-2021

So the question is can we give banana to baby in cold.

The answer depends on your baby. Is he willing to eat anything? During cold or cough, children dont want to eat anything. So its best not to force feed.

If he wishes to eat, then you can offer juicy fruits first or juices like oranges, mosambi , coconut water first. If he does not want it, banana can be given. Contrary to popular belief, bananas dont cause cold.

02:11 PM | 21-12-2018

Fruits help body cleanse it of overload of acid. You can read Wellcure’s blog on acid-alkaline balance, I found it very informative! They are easily digestible.  And contrary to belief, it's not the fruit which produces the mucous but other factors such as heavy digesting foods like milk, non veg, grains or pollution in air or insufficient rest and sleep etc.

 The only difference between any 2 fruits is the water content. The  benefits remain the same to support the body do the cleaning action. Therefore all fruits can be given even when having a cold or cough. Banana need not be avoided. 

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