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12:10 PM | 23-05-2019

What are some good options for kids’ breakfast??

10:25 AM | 22-05-2019

Hi everyone! Is anyone aware of a good baker who does sugar-free, dairy-free products? I am in Delhi and looking for options in and around. Please do suggest!

10:40 AM | 22-05-2019

12:25 PM | 21-05-2019

What does it mean to eat whole foods? What all is included in this category?

08:35 AM | 17-05-2019

Recently a friend of mine, who’s a diabetic told me about stevia as an alternate to sugar. What is stevia? Is it safe to use?

10:25 AM | 08-05-2019

What is the best super-food?

10:15 AM | 10-05-2019

In a party , what you should choose , salads or cooked food?

10:30 AM | 09-05-2019

Hello everyone! I am trying to remove refined sugar from my kitchen. I tried using honey and jaggery. But these options are not very satisfactory in every dish, my kids especially ask for sugar only. Was wondering how about “sugar-free”? Is a good substitute for sugar?

10:10 AM | 08-05-2019

Hi! I am trying to quit dairy, facing a challenge. I often have to work for extended hours and don’t get enough sleep. Tea/Coffee is the first things that comes to my mind to give me an energy boost. How can I manage this without taking tea/coffee?

10:05 AM | 07-05-2019

Dear all, need help for the right kind of diet for my 15 year old son. He is into high intensity cardio, 3-4 consecutive days a week? I have heard some people recommend proteins (like eggs) right after a session. Our coach give has not given any such recommendation, so I am not sure what should I give to my son to keep up his strength & energy (before and after training).... Any advice?

09:20 AM | 02-05-2019

Can asthma patients consume nuts?

10:25 AM | 26-04-2019

Can I add moringa powder to my 2. 5yr old sons food as well? If yes how much would be good at this age?

12:30 PM | 25-04-2019

Hi… After starting raw,My weight is reducing... Already I am underweight. What do you say?

08:30 AM | 16-04-2019

Is balsamic vinegar healthy compared to the generally available vinegar?

11:20 AM | 12-03-2019

Dear all! I am a resident of Delhi. Now that summers are approaching and considering the Delhi heat, I am dreading my kids asking for cold-drinks and packaged juices as soon as they are back from school. I really don’t want them to consume these. What are some other interesting options to offer, especially for kids?

09:15 AM | 02-01-2019

It’s a daily struggle to get my kids to eat dry fruits. Please share how you get your kids to eat them?

02:30 PM | 27-12-2018

Hi …What are the alternatives to dairy milk? ? Are super market based organic milk really organic?

11:55 AM | 26-12-2018

I find it very confusing and overwhelming to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. Healthy feels boring, but am doing it because someone told me to. Do I have to be on raw all through my life?

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