12:10 PM | 23-05-2019

What are some good options for kids’ breakfast??

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4 Answers

11:54 AM | 14-02-2019

Here is what I give to my child first thing in the morning - 3 dates, 2 figs, 15 black raisins, 5 almonds and 3 walnuts all soaked (this is for 2 glasses of the drink)
Blend all the above with a glass of water. No need to add honey or sugar or any sweetener.

10:02 AM | 26-05-2019

Firstly, I would have to ask how old your child is? If they are under 3 years of age the advice would be different. But if they are older than 3 years then I would advise you to let your child to get up and be active until they actually come to you and ask you for something to eat. Then the only options would be fresh juice or 1 type of fresh, juicy, in season fruit.


12:39 PM | 16-02-2019

Smoothies are an excellent choice and children enjoy it.

For kids, we recommend first meal as fruit.

Basic receipt is

Bananas as a base ( freeze banana overnight as a variation or put some ice cubes for texture)

Fruit ( optional. try seasonal fruit like Apple, grape, papaya, mango)

Dates ( soak overnight if it's harder variety this makes it easier to blend. Try anjeer or raisins for variation. You can use honey as sweetner)

Flavour ( natural spice like cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom powder. Occasionally you can put raw chocolate powder)

Blend above in good mixie.

Food aesthetics are important element to excite kids so experiment with glass container, decorate with some fruit or spice


09:57 AM | 15-02-2019

Just a single word answer - FRUITS

Please read my kids journey to read how I put them on a fruit breakfast gradually. 


A related article I have posted 


11:53 AM | 14-02-2019

Hi! When it comes to kids, food habit is an important aspect to manage their nutritional needs. We must try and establish eating habits in sync with nature. Eating as per right food combos and according to the circadian rhythm is the best. From that perspective, morning is the time when the body is busy eliminating.  In order to help the body focus on the same, we can support it by eating fruits. Fruits are basically pre-digested foods and hence take minimal time to and effort to be digested. This, in turn, allows the body to focus on its task of elimination. Other options like cooked foods are difficult to digest and hence add to the digestive load of the body. So, morning could start with either soaked fruits like figs, raisins, apricots etc. or any fresh, seasonal fruit (preferably one type at a time or 2-3 mixed fruits) or even fruit pulp/smoothie/juices.

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